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Mary Speirs - Emmett and Bowen Therapist

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Mary Speirs - Emmett and Bowen Therapist (Western Suburbs Mobile Service)

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All Western Adelaide

Focus areas

Memory Wellbeing Disc related pain Chronic health issues Respiratory problem Infections

Diagnosed with 2 bulging disc a few years ago in my lower back
Emmett therapy has been able to keep me at work as a care worker
I continue to have regular treatment and I wouldn’t have any other treatment as it is painless and works within a few hours
My body looks forward to being ‘tuned up’ so I don’t repeat the severe pain I had been experiencing
I highly recommend


I was suffering from chronic pain, had restricted movement and weakness in my right shoulder, sustained from previous work injuries. I was diagnosed with right shoulder and upper back strain, aggravation of previous scapula injury and subacromial bursitis.

I was referred to a specialist who told me that my only option was to have a cortisol injection, and if that was unsuccessful, I would need a shoulder arthroscopy.

Fortunately a couple of my friends had seen Mary in the past and she came highly recommended

She was most wonderful and professional. I especially appreciate her thorough explanations as she talked me through each step she was taking and how it would be beneficial

To my surprise, I felt instant results and only had a few treatments, I was able to return to work.

I am most grateful to Mary as she saved me from unnecessary pain from procedures that seemed like the ‘only’ choice. I highly recommend Mary and her Bowen/Emmett therapy, it was a lovely experience

Thank you


My secret

In over 60 yrs I couldn't believe that I could finally find something that would help give me a better nights sleep than I've had in years - my neck has considerably less pain, so not spending half the night ajusting my pillows trying to get comfortable
also I had constant pain in my hip which is mostly gone; in fact I actually feel straighter and taller, and at 5'3" that's an achievement.

My secret is Emmett Therapy. I've been having treatment twice a week for about 4 months and the difference has been unbelieveable. You see I was born with Cerebral Palsy in the 1950,s when no such treatment was available.
If you or anyone in your family has Cerebral Palsy give this treatment a go.
I only wish id had this therapy when I was young, my life could have been so much different. Thank you


Workplace Injury

I have been receiving Bowen & Emmett Therapy on and off for the past six years for various injuries caused by dance.Each treatment has had a good effect and I have been able to get back to doing my normal daily activities very quickly following my treatments.

When I had my workplace injury recently, I was in severe pain. I had lower back ligament damage and I was sent to physiotherapy appointments which only made my back worse. The only thing that would soothe and heal my back was Bowen & Emmett Therapy. After five treatments my back was back to normal and have not since had any pain

I believe that Bowen Therapy truly works and is more effective than physiotherapy, chiropractors and massage.I would be happy to speak to anyone who wants to know more about how well Bowen Therapy works.

H Brazil

Severe Sciatica

I found myself with severe sciatica a few months ago, after spending the afternoon gardening. It was so painful I couldn't walk or even get out of my chair without almost falling to the floor.

I had known about Bowen and Emmett therapies as my wife has had this treatment from Mary Speirs on a regular bases and has had great results.
So I thought I'd give it a go; after only 4 treatments with Mary, I was amazed how well I felt, the pain was gone.I am back doing all my normal activities (golf, lawn bowls and I go to the gym 3 times a week), plus chores around the house; not bad for someone in their 70's.

I have not had any re occurrence of that debilitating pain since.It is with the utmost confidence that I recommend Mary to anyone with back pain.

C Siviour

Electricians last hope

Back in July 09 I hurt my back at work - doctors diagnoses was bulging disc treatment - chiro - physio - dry needling - osteopathy -- nothing relieved the pain.

Then a friend suggested trying Bowen/Emmett therapy. As I was facing the possibility of back surgery, I was willing to try anything, by now 5 months had passed and my emotional state was depleting as at the age of 25 the thought of having to live the rest of my life in severe pain in everything I chose to do was a real possibility - I was a keen surfer, swimmer, lift guard, jogger and cyclist all of which I would no longer do.

Around christmas time I started having bowen treatment once a week, then every two weeks, by july i was back to work, and continue to have regular bowen treatment as I never ever want to go back to were I was.

The treatment releases the muscle tension, encouraging healing. Before i get my regular “top-up” I can feel my body needs a treatment and that I’m out of line; after a session i feel my body corrects itself for a period of time and I can feel a click or crack in different areas allowing adjustment to take place.

The treatment is extremely gentle and non invasive . The only thing that relieved my pain was Mary’s unique treatment. I really look forward to each session.



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