Mary Goodfield - Homeopath and Naturopath

Mary Goodfield BSc (Hons) N.D.

3 Blanche Avenue
Parkdale - Mentone VIC 3195

Mary has a real passion for finding the individually selected Homeopathic remedies that will heal you effectively and safely.

Mary Goodfield - Testimonials

…. Tailor-made prescribing

I turned to Homeopathy 15 years ago and have never looked back. Three generations of my family have benefited from Mary’s excellent prescribing for all our ailments – sports injuries, flus, period pains, cold sores, arthritis, hayfever ……
Sonia, Black Rock.

…… Chronic cough healed

I had a constant cough that had persisted for several years and was wearing me down. All my doctor had to offer was cortisone. A friend then suggested going to consult with Mary. I couldn’t believe it – a few small pills and the cough was completely gone. Then I sent my elderly mother and she had similar rapid results with her leg ulcers. I was sold on Homeopathy for my family.
Sharon, Bendigo

…….Migraines gone

A friend introduced me to Mary and within six months my debilitating migraines of 20 years were gone and I haven’t seen a migraine in 12 years. My life was so much freer. Homeopathy is amazing.
BM. , Chelsea

…… Energy and immunity so much improved

Over the past four years I have been consulting with Mary every 3 to 4 months and my life has changed dramatically. My energy and immune system are so much better that I am now considering re-joining my bushwalking club that I had to leave due to chronic fatigue. I can highly recommend Mary for her professional manner, prescribing and results.
Markus, Mornington

……Whole system healing

In 1994 I was referred to Mary for my on-going chronic fatigue since a bad flu virus. My overall health was deteriorating and I was confused as to how I was contributing to the mess that I was in. With Homeopathic treatment my overall energy and attitude to life changed for the better that I barely remember my old sick self.
Penny, Brighton East

…….Wart just disappeared!

My seven year old daughter had the most ugly cauliflower like large wart on her palm. She had had it removed once by the doctor but it just grew back – bigger than before. She was feeling most self-conscious when she had to hold hands at school with other girls. Within a week of taking those tiny Homeopathic pills the wart had completely disappeared ---- and we never found it – Thank- you Mary!
Chris, Aspendale Gardens.

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Mary Goodfield - Homeopath and Naturopath

Mary Goodfield is a fully Registered Homeopath and Naturopath with over 25 years of experience as a Practitioner. She is a Professional member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society and specializes in Women and Children’s Health.

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Homeopathy is a powerful system of natural medicine, offering a holistic medical approach that addresses illness on the mental, emotional and physical planes.

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Homeopathic medicines are professionally prescribed to help alleviate a wide range of both acute and chronic health complaints. Homeopathy often produces very favorable outcomes in conditions that have previously been treated without success.

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A wide range of Homeopathic remedies available for sale to practitioners, students and the general public. Available in pillule form (4gm vials) or liquid form (25ml dropper bottles).

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Mary has a real passion for finding the individually selected Homeopathic remedies that will heal you effectively and safely.

Mary Goodfield - Homeopath and Naturopath