Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond Massage

Annandale NSW 2038

Servicing area: Inner West, Sydney (Massage) Eastern Suburbs, Northern Suburbs (Birth & Postpartum Doula)

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Keturah is passionate about birth and helping women have the birth experience they desire.

She understands that bringing a baby into the world should be remembered as one of life’s most amazing experiences and not as just a “medical event”.

Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond Massage (Doula)

Keturah offers her skills in Pregnancy, Birth & Postnatal Massage as well as practical, informational and emotional support to empower women to make educated choices and be prepared for their births.

As a mother of two, and an experienced Doula, Keturah understands that each birth is unique and will offer personalised support to the specific needs or requests of the birthing woman.

Keturah will work with you to remain focused and strong through each stage of labour.

She will always be positive, reassuring, comforting and will offer safe non-drug techniques to ease labour discomfort and encourage labour progression, such as, breathing and relaxation, positional changes, hot & cold compresses, water, imagery and other birthing aids.

It is Keturah’s endeavor to enhance, not replace, the role of the birthing woman’s partner and she will offer support (and breaks) to the partner. Keturah would be happy to discuss your birthing requirements and how she can be of assistance as your Doula.

Your doula is:

  • a good listener & speaks only when necessary
  • respectful of your wishes ,choices, goals, beliefs
  • trusting in the power of birth
  • compassionate, empathetic
  • dedicated to empowering you to trust your own abilities
  • working earnestly to settle fears and support requests
  • committed to offering ways to relax
  • not “all-knowing” and will seek help when uncertain
  • not an ‘advisor’ but rather a ‘facilitator’
  • someone who brings reassurance, comfort, hope
  • calm & confident
  • nurturing & encouraging
  • not distracted but totally ‘present’ with you
  • humble and aware of her limitations
  • eager to build rapport with you and;
  • learn about your individual needs
  • someone who recognises that birth is not a medical event
  • knowledgeable in comfort measures, such as
  • relaxation , massage, positioning and
  • managing labour sensations using water, hotpacks & breath
  • not involved in the medical or clinical aspects of birth
  • aware that birth is a spiritual event and not just a physiological one
  • supports emotional needs as well as physical ones
  • privileged to share this amazing experience with you!

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Birth Doula
Postpartum Doula

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Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond Massage