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Mike Buchanan

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I was made a professional Personal Trainer and Licensed Quality Boxing Coach in 2007. Over several years, I bore the ill effects of a crush fracture on one side of my ribcage and it was my relentless desire to rehabilitate this condition that led me to discover Advanced Bodywork Massage Therapy as well. I had tried several other methods of physical therapy but eventually only Hoffman Massage's applied concepts provided relief.
The Massage Therapy Hoffman program has become a core element of the Health and Wellbeing kit that I provide as it offers healing, enhances relaxation and realignment and resets the normal rhythms of the body.


  • Bodywork Advanced Massage Therapy ​
  • Mobile Massage
  • Mobile Chair Massage - Ideal for Corporate Groups
  • Bodywork Fit for Action Functional Fitness - Personal Training
  • Bodywork Mobility Training - Personal Training

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Bodywork Advanced Massage Therapy