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Su Su Chinese Relaxation Massage

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Su Su Chinese Relaxation Massage

About Us

Jia Yi Chinese Massage Academy is the foremost Chinese massage services and education provider in Lilydale Victoria. The organization was established in 2010 and now serves many discerning and happy clients who appreciate quality massage, conveniently located in the heart of Lilydale opposite Lilydale railway station and bus depot. There is ample parking front and rear.

We provide the best quality Chinese relaxation and deep tissue massages in Lilydale and surrounds at competitive prices. If you need to just unwind and relax, have muscle strain that needs attention or are suffering from aches and pains, our professionals will quickly have you feeling like a new person.

Jia Yi Chinese Massage Lilydale caters for both men and women and we offer a range of techniques including gentle and soothing motion, firm manipulation to release deep muscular stress, with both standard delivery and deep tissue massage using quality massage oils.

When you visit Jia Yi, you enter a private environment with soothing music and subdued lighting. You can choose the areas of your body to be massaged and we are flexible in where we concentrate the effort and for how long.

Also, please take advantage of our special offers which are available from time to time and our gift vouchers which are always available.

Massage Services

Whole body (back half only) - 60 minutes
Whole body - 90 minutes
Whole body - 120 minutes
Back - 30 minutes
Neck & shoulder - 30 minutes
Neck, head & face - 30 minutes
Arms - 30 minutes
Back, neck & shoulder - 45 minutes
Hips & legs - 40 minutes
Foot spa with herbs/fragrance & reflexology - 60 minutes
Your choice of areas - 60 minutes
Your choice of areas - 90 minutes

Cupping is available as an optional extra.

A special feature is Your Choice which lets you select
where you are pampered as the massage progresses.

Massage Education

If you are aspiring to be trained as a massage professional, courses are available on a fee for training basis or as an intern, with pay as you go options. Only candidates with aptitude are accepted.

Service categories