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Chris McCure

Massage is good for you in so many ways but a lot of the time, simple massage is not enough, what you need is therapeutic treatment; real release and actual relief.

Chris McCure - Massage Therapist

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Cronulla, Caringbah

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Business Tension Stress management

Have you ever been treated by a massage therapist. . . ?

Release your oppressive headache!
Resolve your tight and painful neck ache!
Relieve your stiff and aching back!

        ****     Please note, I am unable to correspond via electronic means, with any efficiency and as it is my preference to speak to clients, directly, I would ask that you call, rather than message. Thank you for your patience and perseverance - Chris.

    *   All enquiries should be made by phone during business hours
                            Thank you  -  0407 925 401

Specialising in Sports Injury/Occupational Syndrome work, it has become a standard to resolve problematic conditions and to maintain that they do not return. Prevention of these conditions in the training athelete is the preferred course of action but when your performance is impaired by overuse or imbalance in technique, you will surely benefit from targeted and comprhensive treatment.

Even if your game is Business and your opponent is the stress of daily toil there is no doubt that body rejuvenation and release of muscular tension will improve your performance and help you gain the results you desire.

It will also enhance the time you spend with your family and friends.

No matter what your particular needs are, an informed, targeted and comprehensive massage treatment will improve the quality of your life.

All enquiries should be made by phone during business hours, thank you.

Chris McCure.


" Over a 2 year period, I went through the full medical treatment process as well as chiropractic, physio and acupuncture, without cure. The pain was continuous in my neck and thorax with loss of balance and hearing.
But then, fortuitously, I found Chris McCure and thanks to his outstanding skill, diligence and determination to cure the problem, I now have a life back. I did not think it was possible. Thank you Chris."
K. Kennedy

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