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Rob has supported hundreds of families,couples and individuals resulting keeping families united, saving them the unnecessary costs of Solicitors and reducing the stress that comes with relationship disfunction.








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Relationship Negotiators
Mates -The First Step™

Mates Group Ltd has been focusing on men’s health and family /relationships issues for many years, providing free and fee charged services to the community.

The First Step is what counts and this is reflected in our logo as we encourage people to join together in their efforts to help each other by working with us in ways that are proven to provide the right steps towards happiness. Above grey clouds there is always a blue sky.

As a qualified, Facilitator, Counsellor and Relationship Negotiator and a Diploma in Social and Health Carje. A Mental Health First Aid Officer and more importantly a Relationship Negotiator I guide you through a safe and compassionate process that gives you control of your direction. We only m win/win conversations.

The First Step is not counselling, it is the win/win conversations that allows us to move forward. Forget Solicitors until we have exhausted all avenues of positive steps.

Only YOU can decide on what you want to achieve. Only YOU can make it happen. Mates -The First Step™ brings a wealth of coal face experience which ensures your time and money is not wasted.

Fees are money back guaranteed if you don’t make an improvement in your life, level of happiness or a change in your perception of how to move forward. I take responsibility for helping you and only expect honesty and effort back. These two simple expectations, combined with the compassion of my spiritual, compassionate and Bhudist belief of not harming anyone influences and softens the pain you are in whilst creating a future that has hope.

Emotional Safety

Near misses – those situations where we say “Gee that was close “.

We learn from that “near miss” and hope that this will help others as we explain what could happen to prevent the harm of someone or ourselves.

The Monkey on our back seems to be safe, travelling on our shoulder watching what is going on.

He/she ( that dam monkey) camouflages him/herself so we think everything is OK. But we know it is not.


We wear glasses and goggles to protect our eyes , yet we see things that hurt us or makes us sad and we do nothing to protect ourselves.


We place our hands over our chest to stop the pain in our heart, but are hearts are still being hurt. We need to find out why and what is causing the pain.

We (you,your partner or significant one and I) will work together to help open up your heart to feel free and love again.


We pull on gloves to protect our touch our hands and yet others still somehow TOUCH us the wrong way or in a way that enters our safe space either physically or emotionally.

We learn to understand and trust the authentic touch so we can feel safe and free.


The sense of smell keeps us safe from risks at work and home or nurtures our desire for food or nature. But these smells from the past can stop us working, living and enjoying our lives and being happy.

You will be able to breath in life and enjoy the essences of your surroundings.


We pull on ear muffs or put in ear plugs to block out the noise but the subconscious  voicesare louder than what we are trying to protect ourselves from.

You will learn to hear the truth and convert darkness of others in to light.


And when we need fuel /sustenance to live/work and keep alert and healthy we choose anything that fixes our emotional stress, our pain often stealing our energy, our health and our thoughts.

You will take control of the energy you need and how you sustain your thoughts and physicality.


Near Misses must be reported and listened to, assessed and discussed. We are encouraged to act and help prevent harm to others and ourselves.

We need to GRAB that monkey and tear him/her of our back and take action that stops the risk of unhappiness, loss of love and loss of family unity and loss of ourselves by addressing those emotional safety issues.

The process is simple, safe and inclusive. You, your bag of emotional safety tools and a safe place combined with my clear intention of getting that monkey off your back without harming anyone involved, the kids, your partner or yourself.

Qualification details

Counselor Facilitator and Relationship Negotiator.

Mental Health First Aid officer.

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