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Non-invasive and drug free pain relief. Natural and scientifically proven.

Matrix Balance

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Matrix Balance is Kris McKenzie.

She is a certified Scenar Therapist and NES Practitioner.

I was actually in 20 years of extreme pain, bedridden on and off for days at a time.  In hospital on morphine and seeing no end to the pain until I discovered Scenar and NES.  I had tried so many things over 20 years and nothing was helping.  The relief I found using Scenar and NES changed my life.  It not only helped with the pain, but went to the core of the problem, and solved it.  I had 2 bulging discs and curved spine, leaky gut and toxic blood.  Within half an hour I had major pain relief, and 6 treatments I was a different person.  This has changed my life, and I was drawn to help others in a similar spiral of pain and despair.

I have been a therapist for more than 4 years and have achieved certified masterclass cert 4 level.  My goal is to help people discover how easy it is to regain their health and vitality.

What is SCENAR?

SCENAR therapy is an advanced form of electro-neurostimulation effective in treating acute and chronic pain.

At Matrix Balance, we use SCENAR therapy to reduce pain and restore function to your life.

Who can be Helped?

  • Those who have pain where nothing else has worked for them.

  • Those who have nerve numbness, pain, or burning that is not relieved by injections or medications.

  • Long term problems from injuries.

  • Recent injuries or trauma to the body of any kind.

The SCENAR device is a small, hand-held transdermal electro-neurostimulation device that delivers non-invasive, therapeutic electro-stimulation via the skin and involves a highly variable signal with little discomfort.

What makes SCENAR therapy different?

The SCENAR is an electro-neurostimulation device that when in contact with the skin, shows the therapist exactly where the body has the greatest capacity to receive the stimulation. The digital readout of the device tells the therapist the optinal area to focus therapy to give the greatest pain relief.

Observed effects in our pain clinic include:

  • Reduced pain

  • Increased range of motion

  • Reduced inflammation

  • A 90% success rate in reducing pain.

What is NES?

NES Health is based on one core principle – that energy and information control biology.

Scientists have proven that there is a regulating field of energy and information that operates in the physical body at below cellular level. This is the Human Body Field.

The human body field, or information system of the body is similar to that of a computer, your Central Nervous System tells your body how to organise and structure the body. The human body field organises the structure in the physical body.

NES Provision is a very comprehensive software system that probes the human body field to identify the bio-energetic and bio-information distortions that may underlie physical and emotional issues.

You place your hand on a device that shows the results of over 150 different representations of the body and the field, including all the systems and organs of the body, nutrition, emotions, energetic centres, environmental toxins and physical dysfunction.


  • For acute or chronic pain and dysfunction

  • Helps regulate all of the body’s systems

  • Emotional and Hormonal disorders

  • Digestive and Skin disorders

  • Boosts detox and immune defense

  • Respiratory problems

  • Promote overall health in body, mind and spirit

Contact us today for more information.

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