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EU certified medical device, bio-resonance is a non invasive, highly accurate (up to 96%) way to discover and treat diagnosed/un-diagnosed health issue.

Medical Bio-Resonance - Return To Health

Focus areas

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Health Discovery using Quantum Physics

Today, our western medical world seems to be all about poking, prodding and testing your body in an effort to discover why you are feeling less then well! There seems to be a never ending cycle of testing this, probing that, sample bottle for this, swab for that..... Blood sample here, urine test there.....Not to mention being subjected to a biopsy, or heaven forbid... Exploratory surgery!

Imagine a device that is a totally non-invasive health discovery and recovery device that can search your body for hidden health issues and ailments. Imagine if this device could then provide or recommend effective healing therapies or courses of treatment.

Sounded to good to be true? Well, it is reality thanks to the cutting edge technology of German and Russian scientists who have developed a software program and device based on the science of Quantum Physics.
This device is known as the “Sensitiv Imargo” and has shown accuracy levels up to 96% in Russian clinical trails and is designed and manufactured to meet and exceed all requirements necessary to be classified as a medical device.

Now the good news is, this device not only exists, it is here in Broome.

First designed to be used by Russian Astronauts as a health diagnostic and healing device, the Sensitiv Imargo has achieved wide acceptance as a medical device and is used by doctors and therapist right across Europe.
And now the Sensitiv Imargo is in Broome and available to help you overcome that illness or disease that is getting on top of you and destroying your quality of life!

This unique device is based on the dynamically developing understanding of Quantum Physics and how it relates to the human body using bio-resonance science. It is the use of this “Bio-resonance” that allows the device to make a full patient checkup quickly and without any bodily intrusions.
This then allows for in-depth patient diagnostics of potential declining health issues, including the risk of progression of illnesses or diseases and the detection of harmful microbes, parasites, bacteria, allergens and viruses that are present in the patient.

Also, the Sensitiv Imago device has the unique ability to make individual healing preparations (homeopathic) or provide other bio-resonance therapies for the patient.

What is Bio-resonance?

Bioresonance is a technology solution that uses electromagnetic frequencies to detect pathological problems, bacteria, viruses and parasites as well as toxins and other harmful substances. It can be used to reliably detect food intolerance's or allergies of any kind, it can help with detoxification and is incredibly potent for treatments of addiction (ie stopping smoking etc.)

The Bioresonance machine “Sensitiv Imago” uses the latest bio-resonance technology with incredible accuracy (up to 96%). The Sensitiv Imago system is the latest noninvasive device created to simplify diagnostics and treatment.

Bioresonance is the medicine of the future being a noninvasive, reliable solution to detect changes on a cellular level in the very early stage, before major pathological changes have occurred or at later stages of the diseases pathological development.

Relatively new to Australia (but certified as a medical device in Europe) with a 50 year German/Russian scientific history the Sensitiv Imago brings together its own special blend of powerful diagnostic abilities (up to 96% accuracy) with a unique and extremely effective healing therapy based on the science of Quantum Physics.

Principals of operation

The main purpose of this device is the express-diagnostics of the functional state of all physiological systems of the human body ie:

  1. Cardiovascular

  2. Respiratory

  3. Digestive

  4. Reproductive

  5. Musculoskeletal

  6. Endocrine

And the therapeutic use of bioresonance treatment methods to help the patient return to a state of health.

Organs that can be tested for the presence of stresses which may be causing illness or disease include;


  • Walls/cavities of the heart

  • Valves of the heart

  • Vessels of the heart

  • Aorta

  • Arteries

  • Vienna

  • Vessels of the web environment of the brain

  • Spleen

  • Blood cells, etc., etc.


  • Gullet

  • Stomach

  • Duodenum

  • Small intestines

  • Large intestines

  • Liver

  • Gall-bladder

  • Pancreas, etc., etc.


  • Brain (5 sections)

  • Spinal cord

  • Peripheral nerves, etc., etc.


  • Hypothalamus

  • Hypophysis

  • Adrenal glands

  • Thyroid gland

  • Parathyroid gland

  • Pancreas

  • Langergans islands, etc., etc.


  • Kidneys

  • Ureter

  • Bladder

  • Urethra, etc., etc.


  • Uterus

  • Uterine pipes

  • Ovaries

  • Mammary glands, etc., etc.


  • Prostate

  • Testicles

  • Ovaries

  • Spermatozoon, etc., etc.


  • Nose cavity

  • Throat

  • Trachea

  • Bronchial tubes

  • Pulmonary tissue

  • Lymph nodes of mediastinum

  • Palatine tonsils, etc., etc.


  • Backbone: cervical, chest, lumbar departments

  • Hip-joints

  • Knee-joints

  • Ankles

  • Humeral joints

  • Joints of hands and feet

  • Elbow joints

  • Brest-bone and ribs, etc., etc.

How it Works

Sensitiv Imago diagnostics is new cutting edge computer technology based on 50 years of scientific research that diagnose and help to rectify health issues in a totally non-invasive way.
The patient wears headphones and holds metal sensors while the software reads the frequencies of the targeted organs within the body.

The patient observes the whole scanning process from beginning to end and can see the graphic representation of body organs on the monitor as the scan progresses.

Once all information from the patient has been collated, the Sensitiv Imago can diagnose the probability of various diseases based on the presence of bacteria, viruses, worms and other pathogens and stresses which can help discover the cause of problems and just as importantly the Sensitiv Imago can suggest what may be the most effective course of action to affect healing.

In the database of the device’s program, are the wave characteristics of thousands of drugs, nutritional supplements, homeopathic remedies and herbal preparations. That can be tested by the software with high accuracy to determine what may be the best course of action.

The device can then give a gentle but very effective Bio-resonance treatment to the patient to help remove the stresses from within the body and begin the healing process.

A typical course of treatment to achieve optimal results for the patient can be up to 10 x 1 hour therapy sessions.

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, book a discovery and recovery session with the Sensitiv Imargo today!

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