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Meditation Hub Melbourne

Meditation Hub Melbourne

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Meditation hub is a quaint studio space located in the suburb of essendon. Meditation hub was founded and created by owner Lucy Pignataro, a certified counselor, Louise Hay teacher, reiki therapist and life coach. With years of experience working with clients, Lucy decided to create an active space for people to come and relax.

Meditation Hub Melbourne

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Self-care Well-being Stress management Love Joy Purpose


Lucy Pignataro

I have always been both inquisitive and passionate about life and the way we live it.

As a life coach, counselor, heal your life teacher and reiki therapist I help others to find their true self and live with greater awareness to improve their quality of life. Through introspection, journalling, vision boards, breath work and meditation Lucy assist clients to explore and gain a greater understanding of the patterns that manifest in us throughout our lives and provide them with the strategies to bring about change and empowerment.


My experience with Lucy in my first ever reiki session was nothing short of uplifting. She took the time to connect with me prior to the massage which made my intent clearer and my purpose stronger. Lucy is a gifted healer with a breadth of spiritual and physical knowledge beyond anything I have experienced before! I would recommend lucy to anyone who is looking to strengthen their wellbeing.
Sarah Durso

I booked a reiki healing session with lucy as I was feeling frustrated and emotionally affected by challenges in my work life. Lucy provided a calm, warm and positive healing space which enabled me to re-connect with my inner spirit. This brought huge relief and revitalisation during the session as I began to feel and visualise a connection with a deceased love one. Lucy took the time to debrief after the session, explaining what the energies in my body communicated and how I can move forward in restoring and rebalancing my energy flow. Lucy helped me to let go and open up to what I truly needed and wanted for my soul, spirit, heart and mind. Thank you lucy for being giving, loving and passionate about healing.
Nicole Garcia

Lucy is a true inspiration and has helped me change my life! Her support, positivity, kindness and care has helped me find inner peace. Lucy is always willing to help, give advice and support in anyway. Her meditation classes are amazing and I look forward to going to them as I always feel calm and peaceful afterwards!
Louise Crocitti

What we offer

Meditation introduction: an introduction to meditation, for those who are interested in beginning classes, have questions to ask, would like to know more information and a better understanding of the practice

Meditation: this is for those who have never meditated before or for those who meditate and want/need more support in their practice, and would like to meditate on a regular basis.

Mums and bubs relaxation sessions: these sessions are designed to help mums relax and get in touch with their natural instincts that can assist them to create a stronger bond and connection with their child. A relaxed mother often times leads to a relaxed and settled baby. If you would like to join us come alongwith your baby to this beautiful peaceful space and let yourself just relax and enjoy your baby.

Reiki: reiki is a simple, natural healing method which is a channelling of energy. A japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing.

Life coaching/counselling: individuals who are looking to create change in their lives, including career changes, personal development, relationship building blocks and overall self-care.

Couples coaching: couples who are looking to establish a stronger, more supportive foundation and greater connection in their relationship with each other.

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