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Identify and release old, stressful patterns of thinking, feeling & behaving that are keeping you stuck. Free yourself to experience greater physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Break stress patterns, gain confidence, let go of what's no longer serving you

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  • Do you feel stuck in patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving that make you unhappy but you don’t know how to get free of them?
  • Do you have glimpses of what peace, gratitude and love feel like but you can’t sustain it?
  • Do you feel or know that you have an important mission to fulfil in this lifetime but you either don't know what it is or you feel blocked from acting on it?
  • Do you know how much better you could feel?

Patterns develop when upsetting things happen and we want to protect ourselves. They get stuck in our minds, bodies and energy fields, making us prone to ongoing stress and more susceptible to illness. Patterns, particularly those established in childhood (and even past lives), continue long after the old stress has been forgotten and the pattern is no longer needed.

When your body’s stress response is triggered, you’re likely to:

  • Get less, and poorer quality, sleep
  • Over-eat poor quality foods (sugar and carbohydrates)
  • Self-medicate by smoking, drinking and drug use, and excessive shopping, working, gaming, TV-watching, etc.
  • Have increased aches and pains
  • Exercise less
  • Feel cranky, anxious, fearful, forgetful, out of control, etc.

Take back your life by clearing your stress triggers with EFT tapping.

With reduced stress you will:

  • Think more clearly and get greater access to your intuition so you can generate more inspired ideas to solve problems
  • Be able to think before reacting to others, thus improving relationships
  • Be able to concentrate more effectively on study or work and better retain information
  • Be confident to do things that you previously found scarey, such as public speaking or appearing on social media
  • Not need to rely on stimulants (caffeine, sugar, energy drinks, etc.) to get you through the day
  • Experience more stable moods
  • Have less inflammation in your body, helping prevent short- and long-term illness
  • Uncover and act on your life's purpose

About me

How do I know this is possible? Because I’ve been there.

And now, my purpose is to:

  • Empower you with the tools and knowledge to improve your own mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing and relieve your suffering quickly and easily
  • Specialise in assisting lightworkers and highly sensitive people to uncover and act on their life missions
  • With your own suffering relieved, you can take your place in the great chain of healing across the planet

For years I struggled with staying stuck in situations that didn’t serve me – abusive relationships, stressful jobs, an unhealthy lifestyle, and just keeping up with the status quo, my dreams remaining unfulfilled.

But my fascination with mindset and my deep desire (even desperation) for change kept me searching for answers. The answers were tough to find – it was like finding one puzzle piece after another, all hidden amongst piles of fluff.

My background in psychology, spirituality and the corporate world gave me plenty of opportunity to test out the puzzle pieces to see if they fit for me.

What has emerged is a powerful way to dig below the surface, uncover what’s truly holding you back, and clear it from your body, mind and spirit. Once you do this, the sky’s the limit for what you can achieve!

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What is EFT?

My favourite tool, the one I use with every client, is Emotional Freedom Techniques (also known as EFT or tapping).

EFT is a stress reduction technique. It reduces the stress response via the body's meridian system which is like a fibre optic network - the Chinese have been using this system for healing for centuries such as in acupuncture. But instead of using needles, we tap on points of high electrical conductivity, called acupoints. The signals run along the meridians through the body and brain and this calms the nervous system.

When we tap on the acupoints, it’s like taking an eraser to the thoughts, emotions and memories that are the roadblocks to your dreams. You will actually feel your body and mind calm down as we tap. After tapping, the stressful thoughts, emotions and memories will be either greatly reduced or completely eliminated. With them no longer active, you’ll be able to take action towards your goals that you couldn’t take before.

Added benefits!

  • With reduced stress, your mind is more capable of clear thinking so you can come up with innovative solutions to problems and have more inspired ideas.
  • Regular clearing of unresourceful emotions leads to emotional regulation – no more high highs and low lows
  • Reducing stress reduces inflammation in the body, helping prevent short-term and long-term illness
  • Learn to apply EFT at home without a therapist to take back sovereignty of your day-to-day mental wellbeing.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to read about more scientific results, or watch me discuss it in my video How Effective is EFT Tapping? Stress Less, Feel Better, Save Time & Money

To watch me demonstrate EFT tapping, see my video How to do EFT Tapping for Beginners.

Your next step - work with me...

1-on-1 Online Healing Sessions

Do deep, personalised work and learn more advanced techniques to fast-track your healing. Click the links to book in:

Clients who have had 6 sessions can access individual sessions for $135/session.


I'm available to speak to groups about the healing power of EFT tapping. Contact me to discuss your needs or idea.


  • Clinical Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioner*
  • Diploma of Leadership Coaching
  • Post-Graduate Degree in Psychology (not a psychologist)
  • Certificate in Guiding & Teaching Meditation
  • Energy and body work training and certifications
  • 30+ years spiritual training and practice 
  • 25+ years' corporate experience and education

* Clinical EFT is the method used in university-level research that has shown impressive results in over 150 clinical trials - results over and above those seen using the gold standard of therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT).

Unlike those who have only done a weekend workshop in EFT, I completed comprehensive training over one year that included intensive mentoring and assessments. My training and professional supervision is ongoing. I am certified by EFT Universe as having met their high standards of expertise in EFT and have been using EFT on myself and others since 2012.


“I was delighted with my session with Megan. Her warmth and skill were pivotal in me being able to completely trust the process. I was in good hands and I could feel it. The session helped me easily identify my blocks, and better still, to move them. I highly recommend Megan as a gifted practitioner.”

   - Kate Bendall, Australia

“Megan provided a safe and encouraging space for me to unpick and share some of my behaviors which were keeping me stuck before taking me through a personalised EFT session. The session really helped me feel less anxious about moving forward very quickly - it was quite amazing.  I'm really looking forward to exploring the magic that Megan shared with me and incorporating some regular EFT into my life. 

“Thanks so much Megan”

    - Bev, UK

"I have come across many different modalities in recent years, including EFT at some point, but Megan’s unique approach to EFT was very different. She brings so much knowledge, compassion and flexibility into her work, and offers her skills in the most accessible and supportive way. Drawing upon her own personal experience, Megan offers a safe space and a comfortable environment to discuss anything that may have come up in one’s journey. She brings much clarity, wisdom and kindness, and I have gained many new insights during our time together. It has been a pleasure to connect with Megan not just as a professional but also to get to know her as a person who has gone through similar processes herself, and I look forward to the opportunity of working with her again in the future."

   - Shirly, USA

Other comments from clients (each comment is from a different client):

  • ‘I was amazed by how fast certain things unknotted enough in one session for me to make some moves in my biz that had been hard for me before!’
  • 'I feel like our session was such a great catalyst. Thank you.'
  • ‘This is the first time I’ve felt truly heard.’
  • 'These 2 sessions have been more helpful than the last 3 years in psychotherapy.'
  • ‘I felt confident that you really had me, I felt safe.’
  • ‘You have a gentle and supportive way of helping me move through challenges and blocks.’
  • 'The words you used were powerful, they were exactly what I needed to hear to move forward.'
  • ‘I have never experienced such big shifts before.’
  • 'I feel a lot lighter in body and spirit.'
  • 'Wow, I didn't expect it to be so good!'
  • 'I always feel better after I have a session with you.'
  • ‘That’s the best EFT session I’ve ever had!’

What is EFT?

I've been using EFT since 2012 and there are 3 main reasons I love it:

  • Stress reduction and improved mental health
  • Improved physical health
  • The edge it has over talk therapies, even CBT which is currently considered the gold standard of therapy

#1: Stress reduction and improved mental health

When you're stressed, up to 70% of the blood drains from the frontal lobes of your brain into your muscles so you can fight, run away (flight) or hold your body still by freezing in place. EFT reduces this stress response by sending electrical signals to your nervous system, including your brain, where they tell the nervous system to calm down – then you can think more clearly and make better decisions. 

  • Reducing stress has so many potential benefits - looking and feeling better, increasing your confidence, performing better at work, attracting more clients which makes you more money, and improved relationships which is very important for overall health and wellbeing.
  • In one study, after a 4hr EFT workshop, the participants' anxiety was down 42%, depression was down 30%. And when the participants were follow-up after 6 months the results were maintained.
  • In another study, EFT lowered levels of the stress hormone cortisol by 43% in just 1hr of tapping. 

I also love that once you learn EFT, you can apply it on the run by yourself. If a family member's comment at a BBQ makes you furious but you have to keep your cool, you don't need a full hour of therapy to get your stress under control. You just go to the bathroom and do some tapping to get yourself emotionally regulated.

#2: Improved physical health

EFT can improve your physical health by helping your body heal via stress reduction

  • Decades of research shows that emotional trauma contributes to disease. Dr Bruce Lipton is an epigeneticist who wrote the award-winning book Biology of Belief – he’s shown that the body cannot be stressed and repair cells at the same time. So, when our adrenal glands are secreting adrenaline and our endocrine glands are secreting cortisol because we're in fear, our cells are not repairing. We need to be relaxed for the body to produce DHEA which repairs cells. Long-term stress can lead to adrenal burnout and disease because the body's not healing itself.
  • During a tapping session it's normal to actually feel your body relax and it's common to yawn or sigh or feel their muscles let go.
  • A small number of studies have been done so far investigating genetic changes from Tapping. In one study, in just 1hr of tapping, up to 72 genes expressed differently. These included genes association with cancer suppression, regulation of type 2 diabetes insulin resistance, immunity from infection, enhancement of male fertility, regulating metabolism and improving the body’s immune response which is a key driver of health.

In terms of pain:

  • The same study I mentioned earlier found that the participants' doing the 4hr workshop found their pain severity drop 12% and the impact of their pain was down 18% - this lasted over 6 months.
  • After a 3-day EFT workshop, the participants' pain was down 43% and 6 months later it was still down 42%.

#3 The edge it has over talk therapies, even CBT which is currently considered the gold standard of therapy

It can get you faster results than CBT which saves you time and money.

  • In a study of food cravings: CBT took 6 months to get the same gains that EFT got in 8 weeks - big saving of time and money
  • PTSD studies - CBT takes 18-24 sessions to get the same gains EFT gets in 6-12 sessions

I love that the work you do and the money you spend is not wasted - the results last over time.

  • In a study of food craving, with CBT, at 12 months people's cravings were back to their original levels but they weren't with EFT - the cravings were still either low or gone. Some people even forgot what food they had been craving, even though this had been a problem for them for years!
  • I've found this to be the case in my sessions that I'll deal with a client who's very upset about their problem, they're crying and their distress is at a 10 out of 10 intensity but by the end of the 1 hour session they can't remember what problem they brought to the session!

Another great thing which is very important for those with trauma, is that EFT doesn't re-traumatise you by requiring you to talk about the traumatic event over and over again. In fact, EFT has techniques where you don't even have to think about the problem in order to be able to work with it and resolve it.

  • People with PTSD, which is the result of intense trauma, find EFT very effective. There's a study of US war veterans that found PTSD symptoms were down 53% after 10 sessions of tapping and stayed that low after 6 months.
  • In fact, a War Veteran who was enrolled in the US Veteran's Stress Project said, "I got more relief in 2 hours than I had in the previous 30 years with traditional medicine." I've also had a client with a trauma background say that she got more relief from working with me in 2 sessions than she had in the previous 3 years of talk therapy.

I also love that once you learn EFT, you can self-administer it so you don't have to rely on a therapist for years, saving you heaps of time and money.

For more information:

  • Dr Peta Stapleton is a pioneer in studying EFT and has some great information about the science behind EFT. She has a TED talk and a book called, 'The Science of Tapping'.
  • EFT Universe certifies Clinical EFT practitioners (I’m one of them) and has over 5,000 stories on their web site written by people who have recovered from a wide variety of physical and psychological challenges using EFT. 


  • Bachelor In Psychology
  • Clinical EFT Practitioner
  • Diploma In Leadership Coaching

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