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Welcome I’m here because I’m passionate about individuals journeying within to finding their freedom. I am here to hold a space for you to shed your skin, shine your brightest light and express your uniqueness into the world. I want to empower you to find the courage to honour your hearts deepest desires to turn your life from ordinary to extraordinary. I do this from my beautiful clinic in Coolum Beach on the Sunshine Coast and via Skype sessions.

Megan Johnston Kinesiology

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I am a woman of the universe, explorer of the world & seeker of freedom within. At heart I am a lover of the simple things in life, travel, books, adventures, yoga, journeying within and transformation. The ocean is what makes my heart sing by bringing peace to my mind, revitalising my body and nourishing my soul.

I am a big believer in we all choose our own adventure in life. There is no right or wrong path, everything happens for a reason and in the perfect time. It’s not to say that I too don’t ride the waves of emotions when life throws a curve ball but it is through these curve balls that I have experienced growth and learnt the art of trust, surrender and to gain freedom within. I believe that living a balanced life requires action, self-love, alone time, being grounded and getting comfortable with the uncomfortable.

I am passionate about the health & wellbeing and am drawn to those who are dedicated and ready to commit and trust in the process of transformation. I am guided to use my gifts to inspire children, young people and adults step into their full potential and to create a life they love. I work within a community and client centred framework and provide a safe & sacred space for you to unravel, explore and heal within, to cultivate the changes in your life that you so desire. This space assists your body’s innate healing system to kick in so you can reconnect with your authentic self.

I am challenged by the immensity of vulnerability. I am in awe of its beauty in all its light but at the same time it scares the crap out of me. One of my greatest lessons in life is too learn the art of expanding my presence in this world despite my fear of failure and rejection. I have spent years building up the barriers in order to protect myself only to spend the last few years breaking them down. The wave I ride this year is I AM OPEN.

I am empowered by personal truth, inner wisdom and transformation. I prefer deep and meaning conversations over small talk, silence over noise and listening to my intuition rather than following the crowd. I am happiest meditating in my favourite spot by the ocean on the Sunshine Coast and when connecting with my family and tribe.

I am inspired by YOU! All of you, that are willing to challenge yourself to find your truth, follow your soul’s higher calling and lead your life from your heart. I am inspired by words, books, writing and my tribe that have weaved their way into my life.

I am calling those who are ready to choose a new adventure, to turn the page and ride the waves of life and take a leap of faith. Trust that you are courageous enough, trust that you have the answers within, trust that this journey will be worth the effort. I am ready to gently guide you to find your flow through the unique art of Kinesiology.



Kinesiology draws from energetic medicine from the Eastern cultures and combines it with the Western techniques to provide a treatment that is holistic in nature. It incorporates the connections between the physical, mental, emotional and physiological. No two sessions will be the same as they are each tailored to your current situation. In each session we will be working towards correcting the imbalances within the different systems of your body in order to restore optimum health, happiness and wellbeing.


The science of muscle testing is based on your neurology. The ‘motor command’ nerve transmits information to your muscle to perform in a certain way and the ‘sensory nerve’ transmits information to your brain about what it is sensing or experiencing. This forms a bio-feedback loop and by muscle testing we can test the integrity of this loop.


If you’re new to kinesiology, you’re probably a little unsure about how the treatment actually works. You may ask yourself will this work for me? This is why I offer free consultations. No two sessions will be the same as they are each tailored to your current situation. In each session we will be working towards correcting the imbalances within the different systems of your body in order to restore optimum health, happiness and well-being.


Megan has a real passion for helping children and uncovering patterns of imbalance and stress. The first seven years of a child’s life is crucial to their development of self, values, beliefs and attitudes. If a child experiences a trauma or ongoing stress during these years, it can affect their lives immensely. Kinesiology is a very safe and gentle holistic treatment that can “talk to” your child’s system to help determine and release energetic blockages that are inhibiting their natural abundant energy, health and happiness.

Children are often under immense pressure to learn, grow and conform at home, at school and in their communities. They are increasingly exposed to toxic environments through an increase in the use of chemicals, pesticides and food additives as well as high sodium and sugar content in foods. Their lifestyle may be overloaded with social media, TV and computer games and they may attend mainstream schooling systems that don’t cater for their unique abilities. All of these factors can contribute to difficulties and stress in your child’s life.

Children can find it difficult to express, themselves when they are feeling overwhelmed, scared or anxious which can lead them to feeling unheard. This can manifest in behavioural problems, learning difficulties and in their physical bodies (colds, cravings, pain, stomach aches, digestion, and skin disorders). Kinesiology can help release these emotions and create healthy boundaries to protect the beautiful and gentle nature of your child so they can freely communicate their feelings and needs.

Children with learning difficulties can be common and may lead to stressful experiences of frustration and anger. Learning difficulties, lie with a child’s ability to process, integrate and comprehend information. Kinesiology can help reset and integrate any emotional blocks in your child’s neural connections to assist their brain integration and ability to learn.


Evidence indicates a growing number of young people presenting to schools and other health professionals with behavioural, learning and stress-related disorders, including anxiety and depression. The factors contributing to these behaviours are varied and can include increases in academic pressure, decreasing cohesion in family units, emotional trauma and personal transitions within young people.

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