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Melbourne Calm Birth

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Melbourne calmbirth® offers a complete prenatal, labour and childbirth education program that is designed to empower women and their birth partners, eliminate fear and tension in the body and assist in the facilitation of the calm and joyful birth of your baby. We aim to arm you with confidence, understanding and fearlessness.

Melbourne Calm Birth

About Us

The birth of your baby is and will always be remembered as one of the most memorable moments in your life. As with any key event you have planned for, preparation is the key to it being a truly wonderful experience.

Our philosophy is based on the belief that pregnancy, labour and birthing are all natural life events and that mothers have the ability within themselves to give birth comfortably, calmly and positively. Whether it is your first pregnancy or you have had previous births, Melbourne calmbirth® can help you achieve the best start to your baby's life.

With more and more stories being told of birth being “painful”, “frightening” and a medical and intervention driven “process”, isn’t it nice to know that there is another way…

History of calmbirth®

Calmbirth® was developed by Peter Jackson, who worked as a midwife for over 20 years. After witnessing mothers whose experience of birth was one of fear, anxiety and trauma, Peter developed the calmbirth® childbirth preparation program. He felt that a mothers experience could be one of empowerment and joy and that preparation of the couple during pregnancy was the key.


Melbourne calmbirth® presents the Australian calmbirth® programme, as developed by Peter Jackson. We encourage an open, sharing, comprehensive and enjoyable course where you will:
  • Develop an understanding of how to work with your body, rather than against it
  • Understand how beliefs, emotions, fear and tension affect your body and pain sensations during labour and birth
  • Experience different breathing techniques to be used during labour, contractions (the body’s uterine surges), second stage labour (birthing your baby) and beyond
  • Gain an understanding of your own inner resources and how you will be able to access them in order to create a calm birthing experience
  • Experience the positive effects of relaxation and understand how this can aid you through pregnancy, birth and beyond
  • Understand the positive role that hormones play during labour and birth
  • Be introduced to the concept of “conscious parenting” and the importance of communication between yourselves and your baby, starting from before your baby’s birth
  • Share with your partner the enjoyment of communication through touch
  • Be provided with a summary of the stages of labour
  • Expand your knowledge of other pregnancy related topics
  • Gain an understanding of the choices you have in your labour and birth journey and how to express these in a collaborative way with your care providers
  • Learn simple visualisation techniques
  • Be showered with positive stories of the experiences of others – other mothers are great teachers
  • Understand support – the integral role that team work plays during pregnancy, labour, birth of the baby and beyond
  • Support people will gain an understanding of the critical role they play in the birth experience, how to advocate for your partner within the hospital system and practical ideas for creating a wonderful birth environment.

Melbourne calmbirth® - Cost
Effective from the 1st of April 2011, the course costs $485. You will have 2 full days of tuition for both you and your partner or support person. You will be provided with morning and afternoon tea, as well as snacks throughout the days. You will take home the calmbirth booklet, relaxation CD's to use and practice with at home, along with a range of pregnancy and birth related handouts. It also includes ongoing phone/email support leading up to the birth and invites to a regular morning tea catch up for the Melbourne calmbirth community.
The course will be run over two consecutive Sundays, from 9.30am to 5.00pm. The venue is located at Coburg Osteopathic Clinic.

Melbourne calmbirth® - Private classes
A mobile service may also be available, where you can enjoy private tuition in the comfort of your own home. Private classes are available to those who live in the outer eastern suburbs, inner or north/eastern suburbs - costs are $650.00.

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