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Jo has been a psychic intuitive her entire life, working in the field of wellbeing and healing using multiple modalities, for over 15 years. Her main gift is claircognizant which means she just knows plus clairvoyant which means receives information via images and visual information in her mind. By connecting with your energy field she gets a download of information about what is happening in, and for you, and the most important areas that need addressing for you to heal and be abundantly happy.

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A Healing Modality For All

Chakra-puncture is a healing modality that is complementary to medicine. It is a modality that is based on the Science of the Nadis, the Science of our living energetic cells.
Within a Chakra-puncture (CP) treatment, needles are applied very lightly, offering a deep foundational energetic and physical support for the body. It is a modern day technique that has its roots in an ancient lineage of Esoteric Wisdom. CP is a modality based on the Science of the Nadis (the energetic cells of our body and life). The needles are applied very lightly to the skin in specific patterns on the body that serve the purpose of restoring harmonious balance and order to the energetic state of being and thus support the body to return to its natural and true vitality.

So what's the procedure?

So many of us are living disconnected from our bodies – we often override the body and push on, tired and exhausted. From an energetic understanding, as a result, we are absorbing impediments from situations outside of us which form an energetic imposition and or configuration in the body, thus creating a disharmony within.
As a Chakra-puncturist gently inserts the needles in specific patterns on the client's body, what occurs energetically is what is known as an activation of the inner essence (Fire), or the inner spark that creates harmony within, offering the body a recalibration or reconfiguring back to this harmonious state of being throughout the whole body.
Chakra-puncture can allow a person to experience a surrendering, deep stillness and emanation in their physical body and energetic being, in which there is the potential for a deep inner connection with self felt by the person.
This is the profound healing that Chakra-puncture offers as a return back to one's natural inner essence and allows for the release of old emotions, tension and hurts that stand in the way of true vitality and fullness of expression.
Chakra-puncture is a complementary healing modality offering re-connection and restoration of you to you.
Chakra-puncture aims to support this re-connection through gentle needling techniques that re- activate the very centre of the chakra, the Nadi, allowing its emanation to restore balance to the energetic state of being and in turn potentially offer this rebalancing effect to the physical body and thus support the body to return to its natural and true vitality.

What is the Philosophy . . . how does it work?

This modality is based on a living science, and thus holds many levels and aspects of knowledge and wisdom that are forever evolving and specific to each client that this modality is applied to. In other words, in its practical application, it holds no set way or structure, and hence, restoring balance back to a client’s body will always involve the practitioner bringing a fresh approach, as it should be, since the factors that led to a state of being or body being out of balance will always be different for each person.
Esoteric Chakra-puncture uses very soft needles that are tube delivered, that are too soft to insert without a protective safety sheath. The needles are only inserted at a depth of about 0.2 to 0.5mm. The depth of insertion is very, very slight and the manner of insertion is very gentle with only a light touch needed.
Each needle, when applied correctly both technically and from a place of true inner-connection and whole-body-mindedness, aims to activate each Nadi (energetic cell) to restore its own natural essence and return to its natural spherical emanating quality. This quality is known as Fire.
Fire is an energetic quality that resides within the epi-centre of each Nadi (energetic cell) and, when in full activation, from the approach of the wisdom of the Science of the Nadis <>, is the quality that restores the body back to true harmonious equilibrium, both energetically and physiologically by way of the unification of all other Nadis or energetic cells restored back to their Fiery essence/core and thus emanating in an equal harmonious quality.
Chakra-puncture aims to allow a person to experience a surrendering and stillness and emanation in their physical body and their energetic being. Through this, they come to feel for themselves the possibilities of living a life based on inner-vitality, rather than mere functioning from A to B. Based on feedback from clients <>, it is known to be a re-boosting and re-balancing modality that restores a fullness and thus life and vitality back into the body and state of being.
It has been shared that there is a deep inner connection to self felt by the client and what is not of this same quality of self connection, or what is disharmonious in the body is transmuted and or energetically pushed out by the re-calibrating of their body back to a more harmonious state.
This is the profound healing that Chakra-puncture can offer as it returns a client to their natural inner essence supporting them to discard the stressors and hurts of life that cap their vitality and fullness of expression.

Is it like Acupuncture?

It is easy to liken this modality to the use of needles in other therapies such as acupuncture and dry needling performed by some physiotherapists and musculoskeletal therapists. That said, this is NOT acupuncture or dry needling and there are NO traditional acupuncture points used. No adherence, use or reference to Traditional Chinese or Japanese Medicine, Philosophy or Theories are used in the practice of Chakra-puncture. There is no moxibustion (burning of the herb mugwort), electronic stimulation of needles (electro-acupuncture), ion pumping cords (a japanese acupuncture technique) or any other acupuncture techniques.

Who can benefit from CP?

The profound healing and life changes that Chakra-puncture has brought to many thousands over the years are in truth immeasurable. For many, world wide, Chakra-puncture is not only a technique that supports in times of disharmony but an extremely powerful healing modality that re-ignites a whole-body vitality, and supports a lightness in all that is naturally felt from within.
Chakra-puncture has been adopted as the modality of choice by many Doctors, Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists, Nurses, Naturopaths and Acupuncturists worldwide. Its application is wide-reaching as it is a healing modality addressing the energetic ills within the body. As such Chakra-puncture is a great complement to conventional medicine and one of CP’s many successful applications has been as a support to Cancer patients undergoing Chemotherapy <>, where the treatment has been found to offer a rebalancing support for those undergoing this type of chemical treatment – it offers support to the patient whilst the medical treatment does the work it is designed to.
Due to the 'friendly nature' of Chakra-puncture as a very gentle and non-invasive complementary needle therapy, CP is the chosen source of everyday support and healing for many people from ALL walks of life. From its surrendering and stilling benefits it is also highly recommended and the chosen modality to support people undergoing medical procedures (pre-op and post-op), and is even the choice of support for kids from the age of 7 and up.
As a testament to the gentle application and relaxing nature of Chakra-puncture, it has been the result of many, many people healing and recovering from any and all forms of needle phobias.

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