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Tony Gilmour

112 David st
Dandenong VIC 3175

Servicing area: Dandenong and South Eastern suburbs


Depression, Anxiety, Gambling, Smoking, Weight Loss, Addictions, Phobias, Relationships, Post Traumatic Stress, Sales and Management Training, Public Speaking, Compulsions, Life Coaching.


Accelerated Hypnotherapy and Counselling


Tony Gilmour has produced and refined a number of programs to change the limiting and often destructive habit patterns of the mind.

Tony Gilmour is also the author of the book 'Tragic to Magic' anger, anxiety, depression or happiness - its a choice.

Incorproating the use counselling, hypnotherapy, NLP and theraputic CD's to release negative emotions, improve relationships, health and plant a positive future in the subconscious mind.

Combining individual therapy and listening to a 20 minute CD each day, brings about the cheapest and most effective therapy in the shortest possible time frame.

Many clients suffering depression for over 20 years have seen relief from this in just six to eight weeks.

Managers have improved their effectiveness and communication skills, and sales personnel have increased sales and confidence.

Most clients see improvements in their relationships with others and feel much calmer and more relaxed and easy going, in essence, they become much happier.

Tony will teach you how your mind works, and the life changing strategies that will remove the negative and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from making the changes you desire.

Tony recieves referrals from Doctors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists and The Victims of Crime Tribunal, but can be contacted direct without a referral.

Tony Gilmour spent over 20 years in business management, with five years as Managing Director of a successful engineering and sales company, working in many different countries throughout the world. To help him better understand and manage his staff, he began to study psychology, and from this study, a passion to help people make benificial changes in their lives began to develop. From his working class origins to his days in the corporate world, Tony gained has a wealth of experience and knowledge that allows him to understand and communicate with people from all walks of life. Tony lives by the motto that life should be enjoyed, not suffered through, and we can all choose enjoy life to the full once we know how.

We use brainwave synchronization and entrainment technology on our recordings to develop the desired level of consciousness, making the recordings more powerful and effective.


    Master Clinical Hypnotherapist. AHS.
    Diploma in Health Clinical Hypnosis,
    Certificate IV Health Clinical Hypnosis
    Certificate IV counselling and conflict resolution.
    Certificate in Ego State Therapy.
    Certificate IV Training and Assessment
    Certificate Power Hypnosis
    Memberships:- Clinical Member Australian Hypnotherapists Associaton(AHA)
    Professional member Australian Society of Clinical Hypotherapists
    Accredited Supervisor AHA. ASCH
    Former Victorian treasurer and Executive officer for Victoria AHA
    Associate memberships: PACFA, ACA.

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