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Are you confined at home and you don’t get to do your regular outdoor exercises? Try Casey’s 15-minute online yoga classes.

Online Yoga Classes

Online Yoga Class Schedule

Melbourne Reiki and Wellness offers a series of online yoga classes which you can do in your home in Elwood VIC or elsewhere.

Each sequence is roughly 15 minutes in duration and offers a host of health benefits. Aside from improving your concentration and relaxing your body, yoga improves your posture and flexibility.

If you’re working from home or always stuck at your desk, you’ll find Casey’s yoga styles or asanas truly invigorating.

Casey normally holds live yoga classes, but due to the COVID-19 situation and in compliance with the government’s policies, she has cancelled the following schedule until further notice.   


7.00am - Barre (Willow Urban Retreat)
9.15am - Yoga (Willow Urban Retreat)
12.00pm - Yoga (Updog Yoga)


6.00am - Yoga (Updog Yoga)
7.30pm - Yoga (Updog Yoga)
9.15am - Barre (Willow Urban Retreat)


7.00am - Barre (Willow Urban Retreat)
9.30am - Yoga (Updog Yoga)


7.00am - Barre (Willow Urban Retreat)

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