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Using the Raindrop Technique to help heal aches, pains and illness - naturally!

The Raindrop Technique

The raindrop technique is inspired by the Lakota, North American Tribe. Traditionally the nomadic tribes would journey into far northern Canada to witness the aurora borealis, ie, the northern lights. The tribe would follow the buffalo herds in summer and when the northern lights were active all who were sick would stand and hold their hands up to the light believing it to be a great spirit, inhale in the healing power of the lights.

When borders were established between Canada and the U.S. the Lakota tribe could no longer travel north. Restricted to their reservations they envisioned the healing lights while their bodies were lightly brushed or stroked by members of the tribe. This action with the memory of their previous experiences served as a substitute for the restorative energy they once enjoyed. This is the inspiration for the raindrop technique.

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What to expect in your treatment?

  • It is recommended to shower prior to the treatment so the oils can be left on for as long as possible as the oils continue to work through the body after the treatment and sometimes the effect can still be felt days after the treatment

  • On your first treatment a skin test will be done to assess if there are any sensitivities to the oils, this may take about 10 minutes

  • It is recommended not to talk throughout the treatment to fully enhance the benefit of the treatment.

  • The treatment should take about 1 hour, a little longer for the initial session

  • The treatment concentrates on the feet and spine. The essential oils are dropped directly on to those areas undiluted and use the Ancient Tibetan form of foot reflexology


  • Effects of the session will vary according to each person and their emotional and physical state at that present time

  • It is very important to inform the practitioner if there is any uncomfortable feeling from the oils, e.g., burning or stinging etc. so that the treatment can be modified


  • Some benefits include: increase vitality, deep sense of relaxation, it is good for chest infections, colds as the oils are antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial. As the oils work on the physical, mental and emotional body a general sense of balance can be experienced

Duration: 1 — 1 hr 15 minutes
Price: $80


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