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Your beliefs, values and intentions are encoded in the unique structure that is your body. Body Harmony® sessions enliven the connections between where you're at now and where you would like to be. Body Harmony® is a hands -on bodywork experience like no other. Contact us to find out how you can clear obstacles your path and live the life you want to lead.

Body Harmony

Your body is the reflection of your thoughts, feelings and experiences…it is your psychology in action...

Your beliefs, values and intentions are encoded in the unique structure that is your body. Body Harmony® sessions enliven the connections between where you are now and where you want to be, elevating your motivation towards goals with ease, efficiency and enjoyment. Body Harmony® is a hands-on bodywork experience like no other.

Some of the many benefits experienced from participating in Body Harmony® sessions and retreats are…

      Stress Reduction
      Release from Pain
      Efficiency of Movement
      Deep Relaxation
      Self Awareness
      Actualization of Purpose
      Intention Manifestation
      Gracefulness in the Art of Personal Transformation


Meredith Dolan’s Body Harmony® session was an absolute revelation. Meredith immediately saw I had an issue with my collar bone and left shoulder, but she began with some gentle pressure on my lower back, she gave me the option to talk if I wished to do so and I found that I made mention of various things that just popped up during the session. I think it added to the physical release and I chose to go with the flow. I could feel my body changing as the session developed further and that Meredith’s technique absolutely freed me from years of pain. I was astounded that the constant stiffness I had in my leg and lower back had totally disappeared and the shoulder and collarbone had completely released. I felt taller and so much more relaxed. The weight of emotional pain which manifests in the physical body had dissolved and I felt much more energy and freedom. It is amazing to be pain free at last, I feel fantastic. You are a true healer; I will be recommending you to everyone. Thank you so much.

Nichaud Fitzgibbon, Jazz Singer

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Hi, I am Meredith Dolan and it is so great that you have found your way to my door. I look forward to travelling with you, be that a little way or a long way on this amazing transformational journey called Life...the choice is

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