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Migraine Migraines Kinesiology ...
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Kinesiology for your body, mind and soul. Kinesiology uses your body to identify what is stressing or blocking you from living the way you want to...

Merobu Kinesiology


Initial Balance

1 hour 30 minutes • 90mins@$125

involves getting to know you, your medical history, your current experiences, stresses/blocks, your ideal way of being/feeling, goal establishment & balance in relation to your bodys utmost priority

1 hour • 60mins@$95

reviewing & integrating previous balance, current situation, stresses/blocks, how your feeling now, re-establishing &/or adapting goal to current experiences & balance for your bodys utmost priority

45 minutes • 45mins@$75

shorter balances focused on relieving the immediate ‘stress’ or ‘pain’ in your life eg headache/migraines, stomach upsets, sinus, light headedness, tiredness and specific muscle soreness/aches/pains

1 hour • 12*60mins@$80pm

includes 12 Follow Up Balances at a reduced cost after committing to MEROBU for a year (monthly balances, reaffirming existing goal &/or adapting goal to current priority stresses/challenges)

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Merobu Kinesiology