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Michelle Eccleston

Servicing area: McMahons Point, North Sydney, Sydney, Northern Suburbs


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Michelle Eccleston

Re-energise your body and relieve built up stress and tension with a pregnancy massage! 

Michelle Eccleston - Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is an amazing combination of Swedish and Remedial massage techniques that are utilised to help with the stresses and the tensions that are experienced by pregnant women. These are often brought about due to the extra weight and the shift in the centre of gravity. There are a variety of physical benefits that come with a pregnancy massage. Furthermore, it provides a strong sense of nurturing and emotional support. Pregnancy massage reduces peripheral swelling, soothes the nervous system, helps to reduce muscle cramps, helps to prevent insomnia and assists with back pain.

Special care must be taken throughout the first trimester but pregnancy massage is highly beneficial throughout the entire pregnancy. Various techniques are utilised as you progress through different stages of your pregnancy. Massage is best conducted with you lying on your side, or in a seated position.

Regular massage throughout pregnancy is also said to shorten the time of labour and increases the speed in which you return back to optimal fitness post birth.

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