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As a long term sufferer of debilitating and chronic pain, Michelle Levin’s research into effective pain management led to trying to a range of holistic approaches, with a varying degree of success, until she discovered the comprehensive and undeniable benefits of hypnotherapy.

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Much to Michelle’s amazement, within a few sessions her debilitating and chronic pain had quite literally disappeared, and with great relief she found herself able to go about her everyday life as normal.

This truly life changing discovery and realisation set of Michelle’s desire to delve deeper and unlock the secrets of hypnotherapy: the journey toward becoming a highly respected hypnotherapist had begun, along with a passion to assist others reclaim their life through effective pain management.

Michelle Levin is no a professional clinical and medical hypnotherapist who excels in helping other people to overcome debilitating influences and chronic pain in their lives, such as; depression and anxiety, pain management, unexpected lifestyle changes, smoking, sleep disorders and other addictions.

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“Through hypnosis I can help you change your thought patterns, break habits and overcome the obstacles restricting you from reaching your full potential.”

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