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Michelle Reinhardt

Michelle Reinhardt

Servicing area: Boronia & Eastern Suburbs

Michelle Reinhardt

Massage, Energy Healing, Spiritual Mentor and Wellpoint Hypnosis Practitioner™

Michelle Reinhardt

Hello Sweet Soul, thank you for finding me. 

"Decades of working with numerous psychologists have not done what we just achieved in one session" is what my client said to me yesterday and I applauded her for being so brave because doing the inner work is never easy, it's much easier to blame others, external factors and anything else that allows us to shirk personal responsibility.

Now, it is quite feasible that those decades of work "loosened' the wounds to allow such a rapid healing but there could also be another reason.

What I had to learn the hard way "which makes it so much easier now for my clients" is how to shift the trauma and drama of our past into treasures for our future. To stop regurgitating the crap of our past (you've heard the expression 'same sh#t ... different day' yeah, I used it a lot once.

My gift is to facilitate the shift into a new paradigm. I help shift energy and particularly energy blocks and I teach how you can too because it's the blocks in our personal energy and energy field that causes the ripple effect of mild to massive chaos in our lives.

When we keep looking to others to 'heal us' we will always be disappointed. Because it's not their job. It's ours. As a 'healer' for over 2 decades, I pride myself on arming you with the tools to understand yourself, your own energy and to flip that around so you are in control and creating what you DO want not living a life that is representative of a bad comedy movie or worse...a horror sequel. 😱

There is a part within us 'Our Eternal Soul' that is busting to meet you, to be set free and it..he/she can help release energies of worry, anxiety, depression, rejection, abandonment and unreasonable fear. He/She wants to remind you that you are so much more than your physical body and that your expansion physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritaully is calling you (or you would'nt be reading this)

There is language of your soul that called you here (it is as unique as your finger print) and there is also a language of the Universe 'which is not English' that once understood helps life fall into place. It's that frequency that is piquing your interest and it will not go away because it hates to see you suffer. As do I. 🙏💞

I extend my hand to you in love if you feel called to begin a self-healing journey and to tap into the wisdom of your infinite heart, your and the Universal wisdom that is available to you now. I will hold you all the way as the veils of illusion disolve into the beauty and perfection of the unlimited being that you are is revealed. The expansion of your consciousness has no limits, nor do you.

Please connect for more details Soul Therapy By Michelle
Single sessions and Soul Journey Packages are available as is a conversation 0417 515 8922

Always In love and light, Michelle 🙏

Massage & Energy Healing

  • Relaxation & Remedial Massage Techniques
  • Chakra Balancing
  • 100% Pure Essential Oils
  • Sound Therapy Tuning Forks


  • Mind: Awakening & Emerging Healing Invocation
  • Body: Discovering and Integrating Healing Invocation
  • Soul: Adjusting your Vibrational set point

Wellness Hypnosis Method™

The Wellness point Hypnosis Method™ offers you a path to the subconscious and superconscious mind… breaking through barriers and blocks, unlocking your true, highest potential, and discovering your purpose in life.


August 2019 BEGINNERS Meditation Classes 6-7pm for four consecutive weeks

August 2019 INTERMEDIATE Meditation Classes 7-8pm for four consecutive weeks

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Michelle Reinhardt