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2. The Myth Of Mind Matrix


💧Living in a depressive social environment of a cultural revolution where couples can turn on each other with fear of being trapped in jail, my parents suffer enormously.

I was so scared whenever they argued, so I always carefully created a chance for their emotional reconnection again. 

Instead of playing toys like other kids, I had the privilege of sitting at the opposite of the desk when my mother treat patients. 

It was not easy surrounded each day by the smell of chemical Reckitt Benckiser and negative energy from those suffering ones. Observing those patients who suffer physical pain and their kins who suffer emotionally draw my attention from the distraction.

💧The wailing when the tube inserted into the stomach from the nostril of a farmer who took the pesticide to suicide can not stopping me in deep thinking.

When people laughing at the naked crazy patient running around, I wonder what made the person behave like that. 

When the wife of a pilot from the airforce killed herself in front of a fast running train, I was confused. 

 I noticed that the local rich powerful suffer the same way as the poor and the vulnerable.

I thought the world would be different after I left my hometown.

💧Unexpectedly, I saw the same pattern in emotional suffering in the super-rich and super-powerful at a global scale, regardless of social status, resources, and accomplishment.

Life does not make sense to me if ending up in vain after making an enormous effort. 

The fear of uncertainty of the future brought my commitment to academic learning. It became qualified in clinical psychology, social work, marriage consultant, relationship consultant, master member of FengSui National Association, etc. 

💧I released that I survived from years by year emotional abuse without being caught up with mental health issues only because I never lose the clarity in the conscious mind. 

Instead, I focused on observing my mother's dramatic behavior and next move rather than triggered by her emotion. In fact, I had never allowed her to take my power away, although I was always very tolerant of her. 

In my whole life journey, I have been worked so…hard to keep my mind power without comprising on the condition that family or society wanted me to be.

You know, it was very hard. But I made it as I know at the end of the day, I have to take care of myself. 

One of my siblings chose to fit in the expectation and gave up her mind power. Now she lives miserable as exactly what she was predicted when I was six. 

I promised to myself to stop her trend of destiny by that time.

I was forced to give up my intention when I notice it is a trap of the reptilian brain. 

If she doesn’t want to fight with the price of losing, she has to live with the consequence. 

💧To know more how I survived the unbearable emotionally traps in life and achieved dreamed success and financial freedom by developing mind power simply using the body and mind as a walky-talky 24hrs convenient device, welcome to get my downloadable book, "Path To Liberty" at

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