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Cancer management Mental health Suicide HIV Schizophrenia Psoriasis

We Collaborate With Medical Specialists If Necessary to maximize your chance of survival and minimize the side-effect 

Dr Angela Wilson (Bio) is honored to Both a speaker and a member of ADVISORY COMMITTEE, world mental health congress

P.h.D  Holistic Researcher and Case Investigator From Achievers Resource

Dr Angela Wilson (Ph.D.), called Mind Power Lady initiated her serious research on physical, emotional, and mental health through first-hand personal experiments on a daily basis at the age of six. It led her hands truly on what humanity is looking for but afraid most of us to find. As a result, she discovered the specific part of the mind has the power to kill the emerging symptoms and the trace timely. She has spent over forty years refining this secret formula, benefiting from her unique upbringing in a western medical family with 11 generations of Chinese herbal medicine practitioner Heritage; the 22nd generation on energy healing; academic study; holistic qualifications; rich clinical experience; and unstoppable cross-disciplinary testing by risking her life researching how human mind connects with the physical world, metaphysical world, quantum physics and effects business, career and personal life. 

Her cutting-edging domino-effect solution folds the mystery of the "largely inaccessible unconscious mind” and reveals the myth behind the tragic predestination of the human race. She releases this compelling and practical application to enhance the satisfaction of the human race and reduce the misery on earth. Her favorite quote is from Robert Ingersoll," rise by living others.

Dr provides consultation on how to fix the problem with the result clients want using the workbook at https://www.mindpowerlady.com/

Special arranged Done-for-you service is avaiable remotely global.

Special Offer (Please book in advance with payment):

  • We work 24/7. Rate is different From 5 pm-7 am, weekends and holiday Service
  • Special remote work for clients in coma state using multi-dimensional skill and mind power (apply for only family members of existing clients or referrals)

Welcome to reach out for further discussion if you want to be served at the earliest stage of your concern.

For the best result and accuracy in scanning and reading, Dr Angela Wilson works only remotely.

If you pay for a special fee meeting Dr. Angela Wilson, you will still sit in front of a separate laptop with a long distance to avoid energy distraction from the physical body. 


Our favorite Cases but not limited too are listed below:

1. Spot liars, protect wealth, save a life and fix the loopholes in reading people —> Enormous wealth loss and suicide trapped by Bernard Lawrence Madoff, the confessed operator of the largest Ponzi scheme in world history and the largest financial fraud in U.S. history 2008.

2. Predict risk, save a life and fix the leadership loopholes in teamwork and bridge gaps between success mindset and invisible traps in the interpersonal relationship—-> The murder and dismemberment Tech CEO and investor Fahim Saleh trapped into at home by his personal assistant, 2020.

3. Read the potential risk in a “healthy” partner, fix the loopholes in wealth mindset and protect wealth —->76,000 victims suffer due to the death of 30-year-old Gerald Cotten, CEO of Canadian cryptocurrency due to complications, who took about $163 million USD in bitcoin to the grave with him.

4.Reading the invisible information when dealing with any interpersonal relationship to save own life and protect wealth ——> “Numerous ‘persons of interest’ like Canadian Billionaire couple Barry Sherman and Honey Sherman were murdered “nine months before agreeing to the surgery.”

5.Scan the invisible risk and maximize the chance to survive when lost consciousness and fix mindset loopholes in dealing with difficult relationship——> Accidental death- Bollywood legacy Sridevi Kapoor encountered accidental drowning in her bathtub when her husband was in that room, 2018

6.Strategically fixing the loopholes in mind power to save life and to keep safe creative mind, and reverse the health condition Ideally within 3-6 month. —-> #SteveJobs, the previous Apple CEO, who didn’t want his body to be opened, tried alternative medicine wasted on wrong mind power for “nine months before agreeing to the surgery”

7.Collaborating with medical specialists and fix the loopholes to save life—-> #PaulAllen, #Microsoft co-founder died due to cancer.

8. Terminate emotional and mental suffering to save life——-> Dilemma that #SteveBing #Hollywood movie mogul pulled into suicide 2020

9..Dismiss the mental health issue to save life and enjoy abundant lifestyle—-> “not unexpected” suicide of Iconic fashion designer #KateSpade.

10. Convert extra sexual energy into mind power to kill the harmful desire and save life ——> #Sexual desire-#HIV #FreddieMercury a British singer, songwriter, record producer, and lead vocalist of the rock band Queen.

11. Kill the symptoms and save life synchronizing with keep high-performance in the high-demanding industry —-> #KellyCatlin, #Olympic track US Olympian and three-time world track cycling champion, died by suicide at the age of 23. She suffered “the mind never ends spinning spinning spinning and rest." And "the feeling like no longer have a mind."

12. Remove traps on the health issue, read the hidden risk and fix the gaps in parent-child and intimate relationship, traps in the other world and be skillful dealing the fear when facing the gate of death ——> #GamblingKing #StanleyHo in Macao lost control of his wealth, dignity, health slowly after retirement and encountered a scary death at age 98


Claim: We collaborate with your medical specialists to get the best result. We may instruct for three-way calls when you are on the phone with your medical specialist and Dr Angela Wilson.

We do what medical doctors can not do. Our service is an add-on essential tool for your medical treatment and gives you double security.


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  • Heritage of The 10 Generations of Herbal Medicine Family Absorbing The Knowledge From Assisting Father, Who Is The 11th Generation.
  • 22nd Generation of Taoism Health Prohibition and Rehabilitation Previous Master Member of I-chin Science Earned An Award On Property Energy Master
  • Parapsychology & Paranormal Science (PhD)
  • Certified Paranormal Investigator
  • Live With Doctoral Parents In Medical World, Go Night-shift With Mother When Resided Into The Residential Building Inside The City Hospital
  • Psychology, Cook, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Social Worker, Psychotherapy, Counseling, Nutrition, Dietitian, Qi Gong, I-ching Readings
  • Soul Regression Therapy, Psychic Readings, Past Life Regression Therapy, Transpersonal Art Therapy
  • Have Gone Through Many Training Including Antony Robbin, and Other Business Training
  • Certified Member of National Speaker Australia (Previously Professional Speakers Australia)
  • Certified Radio Presenter
  • Dtm Award Toastmasters International
  • Trained In Acting
  • Trained Standup Comedy
  • Natural Spiritual Healing Practitioner
  • Standby Assistant For Doctoral Parents

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