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Sonya Lee

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Sonya Lee Consulting, Holistic Naturopath

Holistic Naturopath

Specializing in recurring illness and conditions.

 Warts, Herpes viruses, ENT (ear, nose & throat), chronic recurring body flare ups.

I help people who have spend many years, often decades, trying to manage and live with a lingering chronic contition using antibiotics, cortisones, antihistamines, anti-inflamatory medicines, and surgeries, only to find their symptoms return, become worse and their lives becoming constantly subject to their conditions. 

Sonya Lee Holistic Naturopath

Sonya Lee

I help Women and Men to free themselves of lingering and recurring conditions and states of mind in as little as 2 weeks.

I do this through my 4 step system, over a 12 week period of one on one coaching with me plus support.

Where you recieve the tools and guidance to shifting your body into a state of receiving new information to meet your goals, while bringing more of your 'self' (that part of you that knows who you are and is who you are) consciously into your goals.

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Holistic Medicine Transformation Program

Sonya Lee has consulted in alternative health for over 20yrs, Beginning with naturopathy combining this with Body-Talk techniques and intuitive skills, hypnotherapy, transpersonal development workshops and mediation classes to assist people to grow, heal and gain control over their life and direction.

Sonya Lee 

Experience what is possible


I never knew there was an easier way to completely treat warts until I met Sonya. Growing up I had my fair share of warts and like most I believed it was from the time spent around communal swimming pools. For me, I would paint on wart paint and if it didn't eventually go away I would have them surgically removed. Both options had their share of pain and nuisance. So when my 6 yr old came out with a large wart on her foot I was hesitant to try options I knew didn't really work. But I began with the common topical wart treatment and within a week I had an entire crop of warts budding up! - I am talking close to 65 seperate baby warts sitting under her skin across the ball of her foot. I was horrified and my daughter was embarrassed. I knew I had to find an alternate and lasting solution and my biggest concern was the potential pain and trauma of the only options i knew. I then came across Sonya.  We used her wart concentrate/tonic and were consistent with her recommendations, and after 4 weeks I noticed that some of the warts sitting under skin had disappeared, by week 5 there were huge craters where the warts had been and by week 6 her foot had totally healed! I am so thankful for this painfree approach which healed from the inside. I cannot recomend her highly enough.

The inside out approach of what Sonya teaches helped us get faster wart removal results and with none of the pain I would have come to expected from traditional methods.

Forever grateful xx

K. Banning


Body/Mind coaching with Sonya

My Journey with Sonya has & still is amazing.
I feel I have been able to connect with my inner self, giving me an understanding of how each of us can loose ourselves through life's challenges.
To be learning to feel confident love & warmth like I am feeling now.
I just wish I had found Sonya years ago. Chris Hasselmann, 2016

WOW! I feel really good and confident that my claustrophobia has been addressed. I've carried this with me since I was 16 yrs old, I FINALLY addressed this, and I am now 68yrs old. My advice to anyone is DONT WAIT any longer, it does work. Elizabeth, 2016

Thank You Sonya!!

I had a wonderful sleep. I'm feeling really well. Thanks so much for your insight. I thought I had a ball of anger and bitterness in my Liver which was causing me distress and shame!!

Knowing now that it is all my walled off joy and love makes so much sense. It is so liberating. Thank you soooo much Sonya. My sessions with you have been lifechanging!!

You are an amazing woman! I'm so blessed to know you.

.I've been to many healers but I've never felt a shift like this, ever!

Lots of love to you.
D.J. 2017

Holistic Naturopathic Coaching with Sonya

Sonya has been called a Medical Intuitive, due to her powerful holistic insight into clients conditions or concerns, linking underlying conditioning, emotions, imbalances that are generating support for presenting concerns. Sonya's programs offer the powerful benefits of a Deeper look into what is creating imbalances, as well as working with you to assist with changes.

Several years ago in Adelaide,I encountered anxiety, uncertainty and extreme physical and psychic pain for the first time. It was with Sonyas guidance, insight, infinite kindness and actual healing, I recovered life force itself, when this was slipping away, and received miraculous healing with Sonya.I am forever grateful and humbled by the experience with her. Much love from Deidre.

The Most ‘In-Touch’ Practitioner I have ever been to.” Dean Mortimer, Strathalbyn.

“Sonya helped with different ailments and pains with amazing results. An amazing experience with wonderful rewarding results.” Wendy Foweraker, Woodside.

Qualification Details

Diploma of Naturopathy, 1998
Certificate in The BodyTalk System 1 & 2
SASHA - 15 year Certificate:
SA Spiritual Healers Association
Meditation Teacher
Group Workshops: Personal Growth and Transformation
Active practitioner of the body links to frequency of thought-emotion- spiritualilty

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