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Mind Body Soul Balancing

Clare Milner

Spearwood WA 6163

Mind Body Soul Balancing

Mind Body Soul Balancing - Mindfulness & Meditation - Adults & Children

Children’s Health

8-Week Children’s Programme | Facilitator’s Course | Personal Development Days

Clare conducts ‘Children’s Movement, Mindfulness & Meditation Classes’ which run for 1 hour a week for 8 weeks held before, after or during school hours. Utilising current evidence based research, students can experience the benefits of calming and quietening their minds whilst regulating their own emotions in an exciting and fun way. This is designed to improve their ability to recall and retain information, enhance concentration and learn to redirect mind chatter from a negative to a positive mindset to improve mental wellbeing.

Calming Minds: 8-week program includes:

  • Mindful Movement/Games and Yoga
  • Guided Visualisation Meditation encouraging ‘calm children’
  • Promotes awareness of thought and action
  • Stimulates areas of the brain that increases concentration and focus
  • Breathing Techniques to manage our emotions to reduce anxiety and stress
  • Teaching positive self-talk to build self-esteem
  • Nourishing creativity and encouraging generosity, compassion, and respect
  • Guidance and Resources for Parents on a Private Facebook page

This program can help with:

  • Behavioural challenges in the classroom and at home
  • Home, family and relationship stresses and worries
  • Left and right brain stimulation
  • Playground bullying
  • Non-competitive children
  • The wellbeing of the whole child physical, mental, emotional and spiritual
  • Children suffering from anxiety, depression or overwhelmed by emotions
  • Resilience and Positivity
  • Creative children
  • Children with ADD and ADHD
  • Stress and worry relating to formal testing at a school or national level (NAPLAN)

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