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Mind Body Soul Balancing

Clare Milner

Spearwood WA 6163

Mind Body Soul Balancing

I work closely with you to help reprogramme your overall being, releasing what no longer serves you! Leading you towards positive health! 

Mind Body Soul Balancing - Reiki & Sound Healing


Reiki is an ancient healing modality meaning ‘Universal Life Force Energy’. It is often referred to as the infinite source of energy that creates and empowers all existence and life. Our Universal Life Force Energy flows throughout our whole body and if the energy in our body is blocked or hindered this may cause mental, physical, spiritual, or emotional issues. As a Reiki practitioner, I work closely with your energy fields or chakras to reprogram and stimulate the flow of energy to help you back to a state of balance and harmony.

One on One Healing Sessions

I utilise a range of modalities including Intuitive Counselling, Reiki, Crystals, Sound Healing, Australian Bush Flower Essences, AromaTouch Massage with Sound Healing, and doTerra Essential Oils which all help to return your body, mind, and soul to a state of balanced being. All whilst removing any blockages in your systems and breaking any negative programming patterns.

Sound Healing

Our bodies are made up of about 70% water, therefore sound waves can be transmitted through our body incredibly quickly, removing any unwanted energies or blockages in our system, bringing back into balance our Chakra’s, balancing the body, mind, and soul and enabling a deep sense of peace. Sound waves encourage optimal physical health, cellular reorganisation, mood improvement, and psychological well-being.

AromaTouch Massage w/Sound Healing

The doTerra AromaTouch massage method utilises the amazing doTerra therapeutic grade essential oils and combines them with a specially created massage technique. This oil application method brings the benefits of the oils themselves, along with the massage. The massage helps to promote the healthful flow of energy. Add to all of this the benefits of Aromatherapy with the doTerra oils.

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