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Holstic Transformatioanl Coaching for all areas of life, Intuitive Readings & Energy Healings

Mind Body Soul Co

Holistic Coaching

Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed?

Worried about your finances?

Lack self confidence?

Want to meet your ideal partner, but struggling to find them?

Do you have an innate knowing that you are here for a bigger purpose, but not quite sure what it is or are struggling to realise it?

Are you desiring change, personal evolvement and wanting deeper meaning in your life, but unsure of the next steps to take?

My goal is to help you:

- rediscover and strengthen your self love;

- to trust yourself and your innate wisdom;

- create powerful shifts and changes so that you are living the life that you truly want.

I will help you to connect into your inner wisdom, divine guidance and the true essence of who you really are and the bigger reason for why you are here.

This coaching can cover man different areas of life..whether you are needing clarity, information, ideas, guidance or healing. These coaching sessions will be specifically tailors just for you and your needs! My goal is to provide you with a clear picture of your situation and then to help guide you to find the answers and solutions that work for you.

We can dive into areas of:








These sessions are one off, but can also be purchased in packages. If you are wanting longer coaching I would suggest you visit the Alchemy of Self Page for my 12 week journey.

(Calls can include a mix of -  intuitive development & guidance, emotional empowerment & intelligence, nervous system regulation techniques, energy medicine & management, holistic health recommendations, gene keys, human design & more.)



Intuitive Readings

These readings are an insight into your now, they help to shine a light on what you need to bring more attention to or what needs to be brought into your life. 

They are a mirror helping us to see what is underneath the surface; which often we already know, however, sometimes it can be difficult to see, hear & feel clearly.

Using a combination or oracle cards & intuitive messages I will help you gain clarity and information about your life. We can either begin the session with a questions/ conversation or we can see what comes up first and then go from there. Session are led by you and what you feel you need at the time. (For PDF readings- You can either ask to have the reading for specific areas of your life or it can be a general reading.)

Please note that I do not provide predictions as I believe that we create our own lives and that there is no future set in stone. The universe is full of opportunities and what we get out of life depends on the choices that we make. I do believe there are lessons we come here to learn, but how & when we learn them are entirely up to us.



Intuitive Healings

Using different healing modalities such as reiki, crystals, The Spiral, aromatherapy and other methods, this intuitive healing session will work on an energetic level to clear your energetic body.

Energy healing allows the resolution of issues at a deeper unconscious level.

For example, we can be impacted by an event and once it has passed, believe that it is resolved but in actual fact that energy can stay trapped in the body. Unfortunately, in todays society we aren't taught how to move energy through our body. In fact we are taught the opposite, we hold onto energy (and emotions- which are energy in motion) and they then sometimes become stuck in a loop in our body. Energy healing enables those trapped emotions or energies to be healed and released.


All matter has an energy field (or electromagnetic field), including the human body. This field has been verified by scientific instruments and specialised photography. Even when we live a relatively healthy life, our energy fields can develop blockages on many levels which are then reflected in our current state of being.

The state of our field directly determines our physical, mental and emotional health. It also influences the quality of our relationships, our ability to affect necessary change in our lives, our abundance, our degree of inner peace … literally every aspect of our lives.

When we are angry, withdrawn or relaxed, we radiate that particular vibrational signature. This not only impacts people around us, eliciting a particular response from them, but, as importantly, we ourselves are bathed in that vibrational field. 

Possible Outcomes:

  • Feel more relaxed and peaceful

  • Reduced pain or physical tension

  • Full of energy

  • Needing rest to allow the body to integrate changes

  • Feel able to consciously make different choices

  • More detachment towards formerly irritating experiences

  • More aware of your own thoughts and feelings

  • More able to make heart-centred decisions

  • Seeing relationships more clearly and finding peace within them

  • Taking responsibility for creating the life you want

  • Increased sense of confidence and self-worth

  • Emotional release – you may briefly feel unsettled, tearful, irritable

  • Aware of increased synchronicity in your life​




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Spiral Practitioner



Nutritional Therapist

Reikir Level 2

Crystal Healing

Full Spectrum Doula

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