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Sometimes we think, feel and act in a ways that we don’t understand and that maybe because of unconscious influences that are out of our awareness.

Mindful Health Hypnotherapy & Counselling - Hypnosis

These unconscious influences can create habits and behaviours that we struggle to understand. These influences can then manifest as an addiction, or perhaps as excess weight or a mental illness. Lee-Anne uses Medical Hypnoanalysis as a method of hypnosis to find the unconscious influence and eradicate it forever.

Medical hypnoanalysis is a regression technique which identifies a problem as a weed in the garden. This weed has a seed which can not be seen (seed of the problem is unconscious). The seed produces roots which also can not be seen (unconscious). The weed begins to form above ground and continues to grow (we become aware of the problem consciously).The medical hypnoanalysis prime objective is to remove all of the weed, not just the part we see thereby utilising regression to identify the seed of the problem, the root of the problem and the overt expression of the problem.

Medical Hypnoanalysis is used for:

    • Addictions


    • Weight loss


    • Tobacco cessation


    • Anxiety


    • Depression


    • Phobias


    • Performance enhancement


    • Pain management


    • Enuresis


    • Anger management


Cost per session

    • $240 for the initial 2 hour consultation


    • $180 for every session thereafter



Developing a bond with baby prior to birth and learning to relax throughout the pregnancy and birth of the baby are the two major objectives for group hypnosis. Partners share in the experience in order to provide the learned ongoing hypnotic suggestions throughout the birthing phase. General program consists of two group hypnotherapy sessions followed by individual sessions.

Cost per group session is $40 per couple or $25per person and standard hypnotherapy fee for individual sessions.

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