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Looking for a professional Counsellor in the greater Redcliffe area? Then Fiona here at Mindlife Balance is the one to call. Great to help you overcome a range of personal and professional issues

Mindlife Balance - Counselling

What Is Humans Givens Counselling?

Human Givens Counselling is a form of Counselling that focuses on meeting the basic emotional and spiritual needs of an individual. It is with the combination of meeting these needs and building greater mental resources, which are built into our biology that make up the Human Givens.

Issues That Can Be Addressed

    Anxiety and Stress
    Obsessive Compulsive Behaviours
    Addictive Behaviours
    Medical Conditions
    Harmonise Relationships
    Manage Childrens Behaviour
    Weight loss
Just give us a call orclick on the 'Make an Enquiry' button for more information about the benefits that Counselling can bring to your health and wellbeing.

How Does Human Givens Work?

Human Givens therapists focus on helping clients identify unmet emotional needs then and empowering them to meet these needs. This is usually achieved by helping the individual to activate their own natural resources in new ways.

What Tools Are Used?

To do this Human Givens Therapists use a variety of up-to-date, therapeutic tools, including:
    Solution focused brief therapy
    Active listening,
    Storytelling the use of metaphor, guided imagery (hypnotherapy)
    Behaviour therapy
    Eco systems
    Task centered approaches

What Training Do Our Counsellors Have?

Human Givens counsellors are trained by the Human Givens College and accredited by ETSI for their competence. They have a reputable body of knowledge and the necessary skills to help people quickly with a wide variety of psychological difficulties.


First session (1.5 hours) - $200 per session
Follow up sessions (1 hour) - $150 per session

Discounts for pensioners 15%
Money back guarantee (conditions apply)
Home visits (by special arrangement)

Still want to know more about the benefits that Counselling can bring to your health? Then just give us a call or click on the 'Make an Enquiry' button today to talk to one of our practitioners

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