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Mind Mechanics PTY LTD

Judi Gurd-Chapman

Suite 35
12 - 14 Waratah St
Mona Vale NSW 2103

Servicing area: Northern Beaches and surrounding areas

Mind Mechanics PTY LTD

Providing specialist clinical help in Depression, Stress, Eating Behaviours, Infertility and Confidence.

"I will do all I can to help you get to know about Clinical Hypnosis and in addressing the many areas of life where I can be of help."

Mind Mechanics


“When you have control of yourself, you then have consistency in your life.”

    1. You know where to put your attention to make a difference in your life, you generally know what information to ignore.
    2. You do something without extra effort or strain
    3. You can accomplish positive results consistently
    4. You can view situations from different points of view
    5. You recognise why you are doing something and understand the big picture
    6. You can sort out the relationships in any given event and determine how your state of emotion effects yourself and other people
    7. You can develop rapport with another person or group and feel comfortable
    8. You can follow a positive patterns and be flexible if needed.
    9. You can perform and articulate at any level without fear of judgement.

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