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Kelly Vale

Mind Missions

68 Lamb St Lilyfield NSW 2045

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Changing for the better have never been this easy, thanks to Kelly Vale & her taliored coaching techniques. Having a coach has never been better. Everything to help give your mind a tune up. 

Master Time Line Therapy & NLP Coach and Master Hypnotist

Servicing area

Inner West & Sydney CBD, Australia Wide

Focus areas

Anger Divorce / Separation Motivation Lifestyle Stress management Guilt

About Kelly Vale

Kelly is the founder of Mind Missions coaching in Sydney. She is a certified Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy™, a certified Master Coach of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and a certified Master Hypnotist.

After being in the corporate world for 25 years working in sales, marketing and management, she decided to pivot to natural health after personally experiencing its many benefits. And now, her goal is to help as many people as she can deal with their issues, including anger, anxiety, fear, guilt, sadness, shame, lack of motivation and confidence, phobias, addiction, looks and weight, etc.

What Are Her Areas of Expertise

  • Phobia - She can help control and overcome any type of phobia, including common ones like acrophobia, claustrophobia, hydrophobia, mysophobia, agoraphobia, etc.
  • Weight loss - She will assist you in your path to a healthier you by helping you control your weight.
  • Stress & anxiety - With her techniques, stress & anxiety no longer have to be a burden.
  • Cease smoking - She will guide you into finally quitting this nasty habit.
  • Addictions - No matter what addiction you have: gambling, drinking, drugs, as well as problematic internet use, mobile phone, shopping addictions, she will help you with it.
  • Negative emotions - If you are feeling down, angry, anxious, afraid, guilty, etc. all of the time, she has the solution for you.
  • Family - Overcome any family challenges and get back to living your life the way you want to.
  • Couples - She will help you jumpstart and rejuvenate your relationship and be in control of your future together.
  • Learning difficulties - No child left behind as far as learning for her techniques.
  • Pain management - Get help managing pain and other health issues.
  • Personal coaching - She can design a personal plan that will help you improve yourself in all aspects of life.
  • Business coaching - Take your business to the next level with her help.

What Methods Does She Use

Time Line Therapy™

This technique has become one of the most effective methods for creating quick results, no matter what issue you have.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

This technique uses the language of the mind to consistently achieve whatever desired outcomes you want.


This method offers a relaxing state of mind that allows it to be open to positive suggestions, as well as a clearer state of awareness and an enhanced capacity to respond to outside factors.


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kelly for her coaching services. Kelly has listened to me and what my needs were and was able to identify the best method to support me to reach my goals. My goal was to become healthier through what I was consuming and my exercise habits, also to be more in control and assertive.

“Kelly understood my life's demand such as working, running a household of five people, one young child two teenagers. With taking this into account Kelly helped me set realistic goals and tasks and kept me on track daily. Kelly was really motivating through out my lifestyle change. I couldn't have done it without her guidance and support.

“It was nice to have someone cheering me on. 

“Kelly also worked on some subtle techniques with me that really changed my thinking processes which has enabled me to let go of issues that I can't control. I can control and voice my boundaries now and this has led to a stress free lifestyle. I have also lost 9 kilos in 9 weeks by following a planned healthy approach to eating and exercise.

“Thanks again for the support and I would highly recommend you to any potential customer.”
- Vanessa , June 2019

“Thanks so much Kelly for helping me to finally kick my 20 cigarette per day habit. 

Just one session of hypnosis and I have stopped. The session was really relaxing and I was aware of everything while under hypnosis. It was surprisingly easy, I had a great experience. Thank you.”
- Scott - May 2019

“Kelly is a wonderful coach, applying transformational tools with her enthusiasm and patience, gathering resources from all her life experiences and training. Most of all she is a wonderful human with warmth and kindness. 

“I highly recommend Kelly.”
- Fumi - June 2019

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