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Lisa Baker

34 Ferres Rd
Emerald VIC 3782

Servicing area: Emerald, Victoria

Mindstream Centre

You have the power to control your own life, you just need to take it.

Choosing the path of natural medicine is not always the easiest one.

There are horrible tasting herbs you need to take, and changes you might need to make in your life you don’t really want to. It is also usually a long process. To truly heal your body there are no quick fixes.

But if you are ready to take your power back, than this is for you.


Mindstream Centre

My passion is herbal medicine and yoga, but nutrition and massage are an important part of therapy, as are lifestyle changes. These combined create a powerful healing environment, allowing you to get back into balance.

Herbs are chosen to facilitate uptake and elimination (detox) processes, and to enhance the functioning of the tissues. They are chosen to suit your body type and temperament.

Our western diet is often not the best for our body and mind.

All bodies are different, and working your way through all the different diets and recommendations is not always easy.

I will help you work out which foods will work best for your body at this moment.

Yoga techniques, breathing exercises and meditation / mindfulness exercises are used to help in the overall flow of energy through the body, which will enhance the working of the herbs and the changes in the diet.

Sometimes additional treatments and therapies can be useful to help with the overall treatment. Ear acupuncture, flower remedies, massage and lymphatic drainage are additional services, but sometimes can be part of the whole treatment, and will then be incorporated in the consultation.

A combination of yoga techniques and herbal medicine, together with some dietary recommendations will help you find your balance back in your life.

Together we work out a way to bring you back to balance and health.


Naturopathy Services

Herbal medicine

Herbs are chosen to enhance the ability or the tissues to eliminate, uptake and assimilate. They are chosen in accordance to the clients constitution and temperament. They are usually taken as a herbal tea or tincture.



Massage is sometimes used in reflex areas on the back to stimulate blood flow to organs that are underactive and calm the tissues that are overactive.


Ear acupuncture:

Ear acupuncture can be used, among other things, to alleviate pain. It is sometimes used in treatment where weight loss is found necessary to help with cravings and moods. It can also be used to treat the effects that come with quitting smoking.

Ear acupuncture can be used a single therapy to help quit smoking.


Lymphatic drainage:

Lymphatic drainage is a very gentle massage, used to help the lymph flow back to the heart. It is helpful for fluid retention anywhere in the body.


Flower Remedies

Flower remedies are a method of vibrational medicine developed by Dr Edward Bach.

They are a gentle method of vibrational medicine and are used to help in dealing with negative thought patterns and replacing them positive ones.



Iridology is used to find the tendencies of how the organs and their areas work. it also gives insight into the overall constitution of the client. It is used as an additional diagnostic tool.

Qualification Details

NCN - Hilversum, the Netherlands (Dutch College for Naturopathy) 1987 ACCY - Blackburn (Australian College for Classical Yoga, 2009 Donna Farhi Teaching Training, Christchurch NZ, 2015

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