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MindWyse NLP Townsville - Mindset Breakthrough

Peter Tarca B.A.(Psych).

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MindWyse NLP Townsville - Mindset Breakthrough
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MindWyse NLP Townsville - Services:


About NLP

This will give you the outline of the approach I use to help you return to a balanced feeling in your life.

Mindset Shift

A laser approach that finds and clears the SINGLE most pressing issue associated with a specific current negative emotion.

2.5.hrs, $350 +gst

Emotional Makeover

Clears current negative emotions of Anger, Sadness, Fear, Guilt, Hurt & Resentment

4.hrs, $530 +gst

The Mindset Makeover

Dissolves the presenting group of limiting beliefs & the negative emotions linked to them.

5hrs, $620 +gst

NLP Personal Breakthrough Program

This Comprehensive 'Personalised Workshop' clears away the active presenting limiting beliefs and associated negative emotions that are actively linked to them, as well as neutralising any specific stand-out negative emotions that are flying in your face.

** Importantly, this program also deals with inner conflict, which is all too often overlooked by many professionals, and so difficult to get past on your own.

8-10hrs (+2hr follow-up), $980+gst

For Self-aware, Positive and Open-minded:

  • Those in a RELATIONSHIP

Success Factor Coaching Program for Regular Support.

LIMITED to 6 Clients Only!
Commit To Your Success with Ongoing Personal One-to-one Guidance & Step-by-step Support to Keep You Balanced and Empowered, Stay Accountable to Yourself, & Continue With Making Positive Progress In Your Life.

Up to 3hrs each month:

1 month $299
2 Months $499
3 Months $799
6 Months $1299
11 Months $1899

Success Factor Support Is Suitable Only For Those Committed To Achieving Their Dreams!

NLP consultations

What is NLP?

What people commonly refer to as NLP (classic code) is a collection of fast, effective techniques for creating powerful, lasting change with people in just about any area of life.

It's a way of exploring the thinking (neuro), language (linguistic) and behavioural patterns (programming) that underpin your experience of life's events. It helps unpack your problems so they can be redesigned to get you feeling the difference you want.

NLP works with ‘how you think’ not what you think and so it’s focus is on the quality of the mindset you have; for example, the brightness and color of mental images - not what the images are: the volume and tonality of self-talk - not what is said, the meanings and rules you have adopted about the past and future, not what has happened or what is planned etc.

NLP has become an important tool of choice for effective professionals in Psychology, Psychotherapy, Counselling, Education, Training, Business, Marketing, Competitive sport and more - because it gets better results sooner.

With NLP you can comfortably & quickly change:


Compulsions Procrastination  Motivation 
Phobias Addictions Poor Sleep 
Negative Beliefs
Personal Values Spelling
Indecision & Dilemma   
Thought looping
Disturbing thoughts  
Frustration, Anger, Rage
Loss & Sadness
Shame, Embarrassment
Anxiety & fear
Bitterness & Resentment
Hurt & Disappointment
Guilt & Unworthiness
Feeling trapped /stuck  
Weight loss
Headaches & Migranes
Unexplained Pain

NLP Mindset Shift

It's fast, and effective. If you're pressed for time but need a positive change with a particular feeling that's "in your face", the NLP Mindset Shift might be a good choice fro you.

The Mindset Shift focuses on identifying the single most influencing cause of a current problem (usually a limiting self belief) and switches it off!

This is great for business people and professionals who's standards demand productive emotions to manage projects, staff, improve the quality of their family time and more.

MindSet Makeover Programs

When issues start to gang up on you, don't wait and risk them causing a disaster.... straighten out the tangle as soon as you can.

While problem emotions aren't the target of this program, they will certainly be reduced fast - with an average 86% success rate!. That's because the most powerful drivers of mood-influencing personal problems are rooted in the unconscious beliefs that limit us.

The Mindset and Breakthrough programs has shown time after time that negative emotions poit to something within you that is 'ripe' for change. And when you change the beliefs that are behind the problem, you'll bring a wave of calm to your emotions and make life ease again.

Emotional Makeover

Chances are, if you are serious about your health, you probably keep a close eye on anything that could cause a failure to maintain your well-being.

You’ll want to know that negative emotions, anxiety and stress are all potential threats to your goals. That’s because they elevate body toxins and free radicals that lead to disease and speed up aging.

The Emotional Makeover can help eliminate these effects by clearing the cause of the degenerative chemicals released during negative arstressful times.

When you dissolve negative emotions of: • Anger • Sadness • Fear • Guilt • Hurt • Resentment with the Emotional Makeover, you’ll also get the bonus of feeling great on the inside too! There are no exercises or rituals to do afterward, just go follow your bliss... many clients are amazed at how simple the change process is. Your results are immediate, measurable and are testable.

*Only the Mindset Makeover & Breakthrough Programs will dissolve the negative emotions that are attached to active negative beliefs.

What people are saying about the Mindset Breakthrough Programs.



Renee Wilkie
“To feel the ‘weight’ of negative thoughts lifting was an instant relief. Instead of remaining mired in events from the past, I now feel free to think of my future and I’ve been able to laugh and enjoy all those precious little moments with my daughter.”

Kylie Eberle
"I was able to dissolve unwarranted fears of labour and delivered my second child with a fresh start to life. I felt great knowing that I had cleaned up my own issues first.”

- Lisa Jackson.
“life has a lot more light, with a lot more laughter.”

- Peter L.
“I feel I have benefited very much form the sessions I had with you.

Lynda Fletcher.

"Hi Peter,

I would like to start by thanking you.

I have always been an open person, and have known for a while that there were issues in my life where felt powerless to make the kind of changes I wanted. After just one session of breakthrough counselling, I felt a lightness and happiness, a broad smile lit up across my face and I was so happy - I almost felt like crying tears of joy!

To put it into words is difficult, but I feel I have been shown how to let go of the things in my past that were stopping me being the person I wanted to be.

I see that the euphoric state I am feeling after my enlightening session, is part of an ongoing journey, where today I "renovated one room of my large house, with many more rooms due for renewal".

I also know that though my house may be in order today, it needs constant attention to maintain it. One session is just the start of the journey, and I will seek out your's help for further "renovations" in the future as I need it.


Qualification Details

• B.A. (psychology), JCU 2010 • Affiliate Member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) • Certificate of Business - JCU • Master practitioner Neuro-Linguistic Programming • Master practitioner Time Line Therapy® • Master practitioner of Hypnotherapy & Ericksonian trance skills (ABH registered) • Cert IV Assessment & Training • Cert IV Small Business Management 1992 - NLP with Australia’s founding NLP trainers, McClendon & Associates 1994 - Reviewed NLP prac. training with NLP Proficiency Associates. 1995 - Master Practitioner training with McClendon & Associates 2003 - Reviewed Master Practitioner training with Core Connections. 2004 - Developed 'Rapid-change' Mindset Breakthrough Programs  2008 - Reviewed Ericksonian Hypnosis with NLP Australia Assisted on a number of NLP Practitioner Trainings. Conducted NLP Training at introductory level. Certificates in Touch for Health (kinesiology), Reiki Master and EMF™

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MindWyse  NLP Townsville - Services: