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Mint Condition Health Specialists


Deep Tissue massage

A hands-on technique, developed in the 1950's, to release built-up emotion. Muscle mass can appear and behave differently through this tension build up. People with postural problems will respond well to Deep Tissue Massage. Using little to no oil, slow movement and less pain.

Relaxation Massage

Calming aromatherapy oils used with a flowing slow rhythm and a light to firm pressure, individually tailored to suit the recipient.


Using essential or aromatherapy oils, extracted from plants that contain healing properties and combining with a massage treatment to relieve stress, heal inflammation, emotional trauma and other ailments. The oils help to shed dead skin whilst the massage gets blood flow moving.

Sports Massage

Great for performance enhancement, remedial work and injury prevention. Individually suited to the client's needs, can be used for sports or occupational therapy as Sports Massage works with the specific hypertonicity of regularly used muscles and their associated reactive muscles.

Chinese Massage

Closely following the philosophies, principles and techniques of acupuncture within a massage setting. Stimulating the meridian centres, regulating the flow of blood and energy - therapeutic as well as relaxing.


An ancient form of natural healing discovered and practiced by the Egyptians, Indians and Chinese. Kneading and using pressure through the thumb, knuckle and palm on reflex areas in the feet and hands. The reflex areas correspond to organs, glands and parts of the body. The body achieves homeostasis, through this technique, which leads to a more healthy and well functioning body.

Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Registered Acupuncturist
Certified Massage Therapist


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