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Jack Mintz Alexander Technique Melbourne

Alexander Technique Practitioner, Jack Mintz Specialises In Pain, Chronic Pain, & Hypermobility Issues. 

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Jack’s Story

In early 2008 I became aware that I was experiencing some difficulty in getting on and off my road bike. My legs seemed to have lost some range of movement. Also I noticed that I unable to comfortably reach the handle bars. Initially I thought this was due to too the little stretching I was doing beforehand and after exercise I increased this aspect of my program and incorporated it into my routine, but to no avail.

Gradually my pain worsened and I began to experience severe back pain, this only got worse through time making everyday activities like putting on my shoes, brushing my teeth, using a knife and fork, or even talking  extremely painful. I tried a number of different therapies and techniques such as sports massage and chiropractic but these seemed to have little remedial effects.

A short article on the Alexander Technique in the newspaper The Australian Financial review “Technique works on bad backs” caught my eye and I found a nearby teacher to pursue this new technique in the hope that I could return to normal movements without pain.

My teacher, showed extreme patience and skill. I was convinced that her hands were solely responsible for these gradual positive changes but she always denied this, emphasising that any change was a complete cooperative between pupil (me) and her.

I found this educative/therapeutic process beneficial and fascinating. Quite unlike anything I had experienced.

Sessions consisted mainly of doing simple everyday movements such as getting in and out of a chair. These were conducted in completely new ways, removing old habits and allowing me to move more freely and with less discomfort.

I have since become trained as an Alexander teacher. The experience has been one of the most empowering and beneficial that I have ever experienced. I have been able to return to previous activities and my only regret is that the Technique’s low profile means that not a lot of people know about it.

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