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Mizu Womens Wellbeing

Carrum Downs VIC 3201

Servicing area: South Eastern Suburbs, Bayside Melbourne & South Gippsland

Mizu Womens Wellbeing

Get the most out of life by using life & mindfulness coaching to promote calmness, clarity of mind, motivation & direction.

Mizu Womens Wellbeing

For over a decade Mizu Womens Wellbeing has been providing women of all ages and backgrounds with life coaching and wellness therapies to create better ways to cope with and overcome issues such as stress, anxiety, ‘feeling stuck’, and low self-esteem that may be standing in the way of personal progress and happiness.

Life & Mindfulness Coaching

Life & Mindfulness Coaching promotes a healthy, happy, fulfilled, and balanced life. Stress, fear and anxiety can be paralysing for many.

In 6-8 sessions we can explore a mindfulness practise and implement the keys to break free of re-occurring patterns/behaviours that may be holding you back from living life to its fullest potential. During the course of our sessions, you will become well-equipped to handle issues whenever and however they arise in a calm and proactive manner. 

As your wellness coach, I will ensure you can bring about changes that will lead to significant personal reward and help you to break free of these issues once and for all. I specialise in Mindset, Personal Health & Wellness, and creating calm and clarity. You can be assured of complete honesty, reliability, and a guarantee to achieve the goals that you desire.


Mizu offers a 3-hour extensive workshop designed for women. Benefits of the workshop include:

  • mindfulness techniques to alleviate daily anxieties
  • self-care, compassion & inner healing
  • purpose & passion
  • restore balance, vitality & wellbeing
  • connect deeply with your inner wisdom
  • be inspired & connect with other like-minded women
​Re-ignite your inner spirit

This is a personal workshop designed to help to clarify women's current life pictures and help them discover why they are where they are right now. It may not be why you think.

And after looking at their present, next is to look at their future and find out where they you want to go and help them figure it out. This will be a journey of rediscovery and reignition of their inner passion, spirit & purpose.


3 hours (+30 minutes break with light refreshments) - $289

Manifest your dreams

Ever dreamed about places you want to go to and things you want to do, but no idea on how to make them a reality? You certainly don't want to give up on these dreams, especially if you really want them to happen.

That is exactly what this person, fun and hands-on workshop can do for you. It is all about discovering, transforming and creating a vision and bring it to life.


3 hours (+30 mintes break with light refreshments) - $269

If you book online now, you will receive a gift bag valued at $130.

Book now to get the calmness, clarity, motivation and direction you need in your life.

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