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4 Parkview St
Mandurah WA 6210

Servicing area: Mandurah, Western Australia

MandurahNaturalTherapiesCentre/Mandurah HealthCare

We are a Multi-Modality Health Care Centre offering natural alternative solutions

naturopathic care; herbal medicine; homeopathy; nutrition;
dietary strategies; allergy testing; Functional Health Gene Assessment

remedial therapy; bowen therapy; muscle retensioning technique;

and more

Mandurah Natural Therapies Centre


Naturopaths are trained to find the underlying cause rather than treat or suppress the symptoms. The Naturopath deals with internal health problems, metabolic disorders and imbalances through treatment of the whole person.
In general the Naturopath uses a wide range of assessment techniques (Iridology; Sclerology; Immune Screening Assessment; Tongue & Nail Assessment: etc). A careful look at dietary factors and how they relate to body type and genetics as different types need to eat differently other types. Genetic and cultural influences can play a part in this also, so need to be considered as part of the whole picture.
Solutions and strategies utilised maybe dietary changes, herbal medicines, homoeopathy, nutritional supplements, bodywork, counselling / coaching strategies, change of thinking, etc.

At Mandurah Natural Therapies Centre ? Mandurah HealthCare, we utilise traditional therapies alongside modern innovations in natural healing to ensure the ultimate health and healing of each patient. The concept is to treat the whole person, empowering the individual in their quest for better health solutions through education and better health strategies.

The human body has power to heal itself – the healing power of nature, is the foundation of natural medicine philosophy and practice.

A qualified Naturopath uses Iridology, Sclerology, Immune Screening Assessment, Tongue & Nail analysis along with other techniques to assess the patient’s health status. This is a holistic approach looking at the physical, muscular, nutritional, mental and emotional aspects of the human body.


Iridology is the study of the markings and discolourations that occur within the iris of the eyes. These reflect a person`s state of health and well being. The iris represents the map reflex of the parts of the body (glands, organs, spine, digestion etc). This helps to assess the health of the patient.


Sclerology is the study of the markings within the white of the eyes.
It is used as a compliment to Iridology to fully assess the patient’s health.


The tongue reflects the state of our digestive function (absorption, elimination, liver etc), allergy conditions and nutrient deficiencies.
The nails reflect certain mineral and nutrient deficiencies.
The face (skin condition and colour) reflects the state of health and well being.


Immune & Body Status Assessment is a assessment to gain insight into the metabolic, immune and nutritional status of the body at the blood cell level.
Just from a prick of the finger, lots can be observed - red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma, – together with evidence of viral, bacterial, fungal or parasitic presence, digestive & liver function. People realize that there is a dynamic activity taking place within. They begin to understand, at a deeper level, the need to take care of their health.


This application identifies allergies and intolerances such as foods, chemicals, pollutants, plants and environment etc. Testing applications can be either using kinesiology muscle testing or allergy test equipment.


Body Therapy Work incorporates the whole structure (bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, soft tissue,etc). This can be anything from chiropractic work, Bowen Therapy, Remedial Muscular Therapy, Muscle Retensioning Technique, kinesiology, etc. The whole concept behind this is realign the body structure so allow the body to function more holistically and harmoniously.


All Practitioners are highly qualified, experienced people. They have the appropriate qualifications pertained to their field of expertise.

      Bachelor Health Science;
      Diploma Applied Science (Naturopathy);
      Diploma Remedial Therapies;
      Graduate Diploma Herbal Medicine;
      Graduate Diploma Acupuncture
      Dip Medical Herbalism
      Adv Dip Comp Therapy (Kinesiology)
      Certificate IV Workplace Training & Assessment
      Dip Bowen Therapy

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Mandurah Natural Therapies Centre