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Lavender House
4 Parkview st
Mandurah WA 6210

Servicing area: Mandurah, Western Australia

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Welcome to Mandurah Natural Therapies Centre   John Holodnak welcomes everyone who is looking for alternative solutions to their challenges with their health and wellbeing. This is a community focused friendly health care centre.

The focus is on using natural therapies to help you, the individual. John is not only a consultant but also a trainer, educator, coach and mentor. His focus is about helping people with their wellbeing and their health in getting them to where they need to get to.

Whenever there is a health challenge, his focus is about finding the cause or origin of the health issue. John listens to your requests and finds ways to attain the best solutions.

Solutions can herbs, homeopathics, minerals, diet changes, bodywork, acupuncture, kinesiology, change in the way you may address what is going on, and much more.




We are a Multi-Modality Health Care Centre offering natural alternative solutions

naturopathic care; herbal medicine; homeopathy; nutrition;
dietary strategies; allergy testing; DNA Health Gene Assessment; Live Blood Assessment; 

remedial therapy; bowen therapy; muscle retensioning technique; kinesiology;

Kinesiology Balancing Work and Alignment; Kinesiology Allergy and Product Testing; Timeline Reset

and more


Mandurah Natural Therapies Centre

Naturopathic Tools

Iridology (the iris)

Sclerology (the whites of the eyes)

Immune Screening Assessment / Live Blood Assessment

Kinesiology testing for Allergy testing, finding imbalances within the body

Skin, Tongue and Nails Assessment


Remedial Tools

Muscle Retensioning Technique


Stress Muscular Tension Resetting

Kinesiology Balancing

Energetic Work



Body Energy Balancing

Touch for Health

Integration Work

Body Alignment

Time Clock Resetting

Allergy Testing


Counselling / Mentoring

Confusion with Direction in Life

Goal Setting

Understanding Yourself

Communication Misunderstanding


John`s Qualifications

John is highly qualified as seen below. John`s biggest asset is his wealth of experience of over 30+ years with dealing with many different health conditions and importantly talking and listening to people as to their wants and needs for their health needs. He believes in keeping it simple and easy for results to be achievable.

        Bachelor Health Science;
        Diploma Applied Science (Naturopathy);
        Diploma Remedial Therapies;
        Graduate Diploma Herbal Medicine;
        Graduate Diploma Acupuncture
        Dip Medical Herbalism
        Certificate IV Workplace Training & Assessment

Service categories

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Mandurah Natural Therapies Centre