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About Modern Pilates


At Modern Pilates in Naremburn (5 mins walk from St Leonards Station), on Sydney’s North Shore, we provide a modified version of the traditional Pilates Method. Our approach was developed by our Director, Penny Latey, who is an internationally recognised Pilates teacher. This version is based on a thorough understanding of exercise science and current research into movement ability and injury. We welcome anyone of any level of experience – from the average person seeking to improve their strength and fitness, to someone recovering from a severe injury or preparing for surgery.

Our studio classes are designed to be tailored to your specific requirements. With no more than four students assigned to a single instructor, you can be assured of the attention and expertise you need to improve. Your studio programme will be designed with any particular injuries or health problems in mind and will focus your training on where you need it, whether that’s to improve your flexibility, strength, cardiovascular output or something else.

Your first session will be a private consultation with one of our fully trained Pilates Method practitioners. All our teachers are trained by Penny Latey, or you can book this first session with Penny herself. This session will last about an hour and will cover:

  • Your history, including any previous illnesses or current injuries

  • Postural analysis and range of movement assessments

  • An explanation of how Modern Pilates studio teaches the Pilates Method

Initial exercises may be started in this first session and advice given on how to start practicing at home.

After the initial assessment, sessions can be booked to use the Pilates equipment in the main studio.

Our Studio

We offer two different types of classes:

Studio sessions (with a maximum of 4 clients) using the mat, reformer beds, trap tables and pilates equipment.

Mat-classes are for students who are injury-free.

Both classes are suitable for beginners or more experienced Pilates students.

Information for all sessions:

All sessions are by appointment only. To book appointments please call 9437 6588. If you are more than 20 minutes late, you may need to forfeit the class, or attend only for the remainder of the booked session.

Please wear suitable clothing e.g. t-shirt, bike pants, active wear or a tracksuit, and bring a small towel to rest your head on. It is compulsory to remove your shoes and wear fresh socks in class.

Our current prices are

Studio sessions are available as single classes, monthly passes or in blocks of ten sessions, to be used within a certain period of time. Student and pensioner discounts are available.

Monthly passes can be purchased after the first ten studio sessions have been attended and are valid for one session per day for the duration of the month. Please contact the Studio to enquire about prices.

Mat classes are suitable for anyone without injuries or special needs. They are conducted in small groups and are graded from basic to advanced. The Basic level provides a safe introduction to Pilates and leads on to more challenging Intermediate and Advanced work.

There are a maximum of 8 places per mat class, ensuring that you will always receive the right amount of attention from your instructor. Mat classes are 45 minute or 1 hour sessions, and, are run at General, Intermediate and Advanced levels.

Fees for Mat Classes

Please contact the Studio to enquire about Prices.
We accept payment by cash, cheque, Mastercard or Visa.

Opening hours

Our opening hours vary by day to give a broad selection of times to match our students’ schedules. All sessions are by appointment only:
Mat classes are held at regular times, but studio sessions can be booked for any time that suits the student, subject to availability.

Day Opening hours
Monday Studio 8-11am, General Mat 12:30-1:15pm, Studio 4-7pm
Tuesday Studio 7-9 am, 10 – 1pm, Senior Mat 2.45am-3.45pm, Studio 4:15-7:15pm
Wednesday Studio 7-11am, Intermediate Mat 12:30-1.15pm, Advanced Mat 1.30 -2.30pm, Studio 4-8pm
Thursday Studio 7-10am, Studio 5-7pm
Friday Studio 7-11 am, Intermediate Mat 12:30-1:15 pm
Saturday Studio 8am-12pm
Sunday Closed

Cancellation policy

Note that we need 24 hours’ notice of cancellation or the full fee will be charged for the missed class. We do offer make up classes. Exceptions will only be made for medical emergencies.

Our Team

Our team are all extremely experienced and trained by Penny.

Janelle Harrison

Janelle came to Pilates after injuring her back. She was inspired to become a Pilates Teacher and help others find the relief she felt after attending regular classes. Janelle has been teaching at Modern Pilates for 8 years. She has a special interest in rehabilitation and seniors and is currently studying a Sport Therapy Diploma at Nature Care College to further increase her skills and knowledge.

Sophie Kim

I started Pilates in Seoul 2009 and in 2011 trained as an instructor at Modern Pilates International Korea. Since then I have worked at Modern Pilates Orthopaedics/ Physiotherapy Clinic, Seoul Korea (2011-2012), Modern Pilates Studio, Sydney (2012-2013, 2015-Present) and the Barun Physiotherapy/ Chiropractic Clinic, Sydney (2013-Present),

My desire for a healthier lifestyle lead me to Pilates. I was amazed when my body started to acknowledge each of the functional components and I was excited how this also enlightened my spiritual side.

Faye O’Connor

I started attending Penny’s mat classes first in 1990. After I retired from my business in 2013 I decided to take up Penny’s suggestion and train to be a Pilates Instructor. It was a challenge ‘going back to school’ so as to speak but I managed to gain my diploma and have been working in the Studio ever since.

I really enjoy teaching both the Mat Classes and the Studio.  The variety suits me and I do enjoy meeting new people.

Berm Suwampakdi

Berm has a background as a massage therapist. After meeting Penny and taking some Pilate’s sessions he decided that this was something great for his own health and well-being. It didn’t take long for him to decide to take up a Pilate’s course and become a Pilates Instructor. Berm has been practicing massage therapy and Pilates for the past few years. He believes that these two skills complement each other and gives him a unique knowledge and understanding of the human body.

Grace Kang

I have nine years’ experience as a registered Physiotherapist in South Korea specialising in rehabilitation exercises and treating patients with neurological diseases. My interest was focused on motor control from neural systems and core strength exercises. Since taking a Modern Pilates training course in 2013, I have been fascinated by the methods used by Modern Pilates and how my body responded and changed in such a short period of time. This led me to start a new career as a Pilates instructor and my goal of helping people to recover from their injuries with my combined experience continues.

About Penny Latey

Penny Latey is an internationally recognised Pilates teacher, renowned for her work updating and extending Joseph Pilates’ original Method to make it more suitable for the general population. She is the Director and Senior Practitioner of Modern Pilates Studio, one of the foremost Pilates studios on Sydney’s North Shore.

Penny has a long history with the Pilates Method, which she has been studying and teaching for over 30 years. She first discovered the Method in the late 1970s while training as a dancer at the London Contemporary Dance Centre and the School of Contemporary Dance (otherwise known as The Place). Dancers at The Place used Pilates to help them recover from injuries and improve their technique. Penny studied at the Place and later with Dreas Reyneke. Influenced by Dreas’ teaching, by 1980, Penny had switched her career focus from dance to teaching Pilates.

After her experience of practicing the Method during her first pregnancy, Penny began to develop her own style of instruction. She recognised that while traditional Pilates was very helpful for the ultra-fit dancer, it seemed out of tune for the normal healthy body – if it was to attract non-dancers, the Method needed to change. She studied physiology, anatomy and massage to improve her understanding of the body as a whole and to find ways to further develop and refine her unique approach. She also developed a modified form of Pilates suitable for pre- and post-natal clients.

In 1988, Penny moved to Australia, teaching first at a local yoga centre, then at a professional ballet school before establishing Modern Pilates Studio in its current location in Naremburn. She was elected the founding President of the Australian Pilates Method Association, and presented the first formal Pilates Method Instructor Training Course in Australia. She has been teaching other instructors since the 1990s.

Penny continues to study and develop her approach to Pilates, developing new exercises and techniques based on sound scientific understanding. In 2011, she graduated from the University of Technology, Sydney, with a Master of Science degree for her research into the role of Pilates in the correction of dysfunctional feet and associated effects on postural stability in the older adult. She has also written a book – Modern Pilates, published by Allen & Unwin – which is focused on helping students and teachers with their practice at home.  Penny is currently undertaking a PhD on the “Intrinsic Muscles of the foot” at the University of Sydney.

Penny Latey’s contribution to the development of the Pilates Method is widely recognised overseas. She was the first Australian to be invited to the USA to present at the Mind Body conference and has worked closely with the South Korean Pilates Association in Seoul, helping to establish the Pilates Method there. She is recognised internationally as a published author, peer editor, expert practitioner and mentor of Pilates instructors in Australia.


What is Pilates?

The Pilates Method is a form of exercise based around a series of physical movements designed to improve both health and fitness. Originally used by dancers for fitness and rehabilitation, it is now also a popular form of exercise in the wider community.

Benefits of Pilates

Pilates is a system of mental and physical conditioning that connects and uses the whole body with the aim of improving fitness and sustaining well being. Modern Pilates is based on a thorough understanding of present-day exercise science and current research into movement ability and injury, our approach means that anyone; from post-acute rehabilitation to the elite athlete in need of retraining; can benefit.

The key benefits of Pilates are ongoing wellbeing, reduced pain, the ability to move comfortably and, of course, fitness. In particular, Modern Pilates teaches you how to manage your injuries as you improve in strength.

Penny Latey’s Pilates Method

Penny Latey developed her own version of the Pilates method after the birth of her first child, when she realised that traditional Pilates, while very helpful for the ultra-fit dancer, seemed out of tune with the good function of the normal healthy body.

Following extensive studies in anatomy, physiology and massage, as will as a course in post and ante natal counselling, Penny has developed new exercises, adjusted the traditional ideal postural alignment, and broadened the definition of the Centre to include the lower abdomen and pelvic floor. Her substantial adaptations and modifications to traditional Pilates make the method accessible to the general population and to pre and post natal clients.

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