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Conscious Heart Kinesiology

Molly Brumm

18 Hogan St
Keperra QLD 4054

Servicing area: Alderley, Keperra, North Brisbane and Moreton Bay Shire

Conscious Heart Kinesiology

Align yourself to your true self.

Get back in the driver's seat of your own life.

Hear the wisdom of your inner knowing from your body and subconscious. 

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Conscious Heart Kinesiology

I provide individual Kinesiology sessions, Intensive Retreats and Chakra Meditation classes specific to your unique needs and health issues.

Your subconscious does communicate directly and this creates healing and transformation. This occurs on physical, psychological, emotional and/or energetic levels.

Together we access the information through Muscle Response Testing, physical touch, meditation and visualization.

In your session we may assess your physical tension patterns and your energetic blueprint. I'll assess your aura bodies, chakra energy and meridians.

You will see and feel where your energy is blocked, discover limiting subconsious beliefs and release obsolete emotions and out-dated survival strategies. 

I facilitate your transformation gracefully in a structured and a supportive way with humour and integrity. Vibrational and flower essences, colour and aromatherapy, the power of words and sounds and nutrition coaching is woven into your holistic balance back to vibrancy.

One-on-one sessions

    • Initial Consultation – please allow 75 mins - 90 mins

    • Individual Balances – 60 mins or 90 mins

    • Children 45 mins - 60 mins

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Kinesiology Professional Practitioner
Touch For Health Instructor
Registered with the Australian Kinesiology Association
Registered with the Qld College of Teachers
Bachelor of Arts
Graduate Diploma of Dramatic Arts
Graduate Diploma of Education

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Molly demonstrating Muscle Response Testing.Participants in a Touch For Health training applying their new energy skills and using Muscle Response Testing to ask the body questions.Healing circles support us to give and receive energy healing. The benefits multiply when we cooperate.