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Moon and Mask

Roy Fensom

Lionel Ave
Blair Athol SA 5083

Servicing area: Northern Adelaide

Moon and Mask
Supplying relaxation services to the northern area, A shop of talented people offering services to relax and heighten your daily experiences.

Moon and Mask


Hi, I'm Roy and I have been doing Swedish Relaxation Massage since 2000, the calming slow strokes of this type of massage lend themselves to the act of relaxation.

Occasionally being asked to take a deep breath, just to be certain that the body is indeed totally relaxed.

The average full body massage takes around one hour and is well worth the time, if you need to get away from the stress of work or other natural stressors.

The room has A calm Ambiance and small lights to allow the mind to take in that form of relaxation as well, so come in and experience a total body relaxation for yourself.

Swedish Relaxation Massage.

This is a slow and gentle massage that allows the body o relax on its own, gentle breathing techniques are encouraged and a whole body massage can take just over an hour but you will be surprised at how relaxed the body can be.


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Trained at the School of Tactile Therapies, Adelaide.

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