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Jocelyn Carter

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59 Cooma st
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Servicing area: Canberra Region

Moonhawk Healing Natural Therapies providing safe and effective healthcare since 1999.

Covid19 update - to protect my patients, myself and my family I am currently offering appointments via TeleHealth

I will return to face to face appointments from 1 July 2020

About Moonhawk Healing

Welcome to Moonhawk Healing Natural Therapies


Moonhawk Healing Natural Therapies is a wellness practice that offers holistic care, whole body nutrition, and lifestyle education in a variety of natural therapies including:

    • Naturopathy


    • Herbal Medicine


    • Detoxification


    • Wellness Philosophy


    • Touch for Health


    • Oncology


    • Nutritional Advice


    • Aromatic Medicine


    • Reiki


    • Energy Healing


About Jocelyn


Jocelyn Carter is the principle practitioner here at Moonhawk Healing Natural Therapies. Jocelyn became a naturopath so that she could help people to find their way towards better wellbeing and health.

I provide 3 different levels of care for my clients:

    • Initial Appointments: these are geared towards corrective treatment/care programs to focus on current and/or ongoing health issues (1 hour).


    • Follow up appointments for wellness/maintenance to maintain your wellbeing and health (20-30 minutes).


    • Shorter appointments for acute/symptomatic care to provide symptomatic relief for acute infections and other medical conditions.


    • Longer appointments (90 minutes) for challenging/chronic health conditions


Areas of Expertise

    • Digestive function


    • Auto-immune disorders


    • Headaches (migraine and tension)


    • Chronic health conditions


    • Diabetes and pre-diabetes/metabolic syndrome


    • Pathology testing


    • Immune health


    • Oncology support for cancer patients


    • Skin conditions


    • Mental health


    • Genomic wellness testing


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