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Mooroolbark Chiropractic Centre

Dr Hasan, Dr Carroll & Dr T Do

Servicing area: Mooroolbark

Mooroolbark Chiropractic Centre

Mooroolbark Chiropractic Centre


ONLY $29 for an Initial Consultation which includes:

A thourough Health History & Exam & Xray (if clinically indicated)

Full Posture Assessment

∗ Nervous System Assessment

No other fees and charges - just $29


Mooroolbark Chiropractic Centre

Your posture offers a glimpse of your spinal health, so why wait? You can find out what yours is saying about your overall health.


What you can expect at Mooroolbark Chiropractic Center:

⚡️Treatments are specific & quick

⚡️Late appointments to suit busy lifestyles

⚡️Thorough neurological & orthopedic assessments to get you answers

⚡️Regular progress checks to track changes

⚡️Offer solutions to your problem at its source


At Mooroolbark Chiropractic Center, we conduct thorough assessments of each patient for insight on how their spinal issues are affecting their overall health and wellbeing. Using neuro testing and x-rays, we acquire data that allows us to create reports to provide you a clear picture of your health needs.


Our highly trained and experienced Chiropractor’s deliver adjustments, one building onto the next, aiming to ultimately correct structural postural changes to improve your quality of life.



For more information or to organise an appointment - just give us a call or book online here

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