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Rebecca Jones

Reedy Creek QLD 4227

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Restore your confidence back to RTT and take advantage of the new therapeutic approach that it brings.

Rapid Transformational Therapy & What It Does

What is Rapid Transformational Therapy or RTT? 

RTT is a new method of therapy. It blends hypnotherapy, natural language processing (NLP) and psychotherapy with a set of powerful technologies. It is the root cause of a client's issues and usually outcomes are fast compared to conventional care. At the end of the session, customers will receive their own personalised recording that strengthens their new confidence so that they can rethink their changes. It uses regression to write your past experiences psychologically, to explain how, where and why you have shaped your current beliefs. Once we become transparent and compassionate, we can replace the programming (old beliefs) with fresh and motivating beliefs that change the way you think, feel and actions. 

Repetition of new beliefs is an important component of RTT. Repeatedly, the mind thinks. People have been strengthening their limited faith for years and years to come. The integration of new beliefs by redirecting neural pathways is a vital part of permanent change creation. It helps to consolidate these changes in order to achieve sustainable results. 

For people with epilepsy, please note that RTT is not recommended. 

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