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Mornington Hypnotherapy

Mornington Hypnotherapy

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I Specialise in Assisting My Clients Create Rapid Changes!! Overcome Anxiety, Depression,PTSD, and Panic Attacks. Rediscover your great self-esteem, and get motivated to free your self from unwanted patterns of thinking and behaviours that have been holding you back from becoming the person you desire to be! I will demonstrate how your thinking creates your feelings and behaviour, which in turn creates the results you get in your life. I will then share with you the most advanced methods of creating positive change. Are you ready to change now? If you are - then please contact me. 0401 488 687.

Mornington Hypnotherapy

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Mornington, Victoria

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The Power of Hypnosis

Here’s an interesting fact - the mind and body are one.

Research has proved that the same chemicals are found in your brain, that surround every one of the millions of cells in your body.

The Mind/Body is one interactive, intelligent communication system whereby your body “listens in” to every thought you have.

Think about that!

What are you listening to?

Little wonder then, that you feel great when things are going well and you are thinking positive thoughts, or, that you feel terrible when you choose to dwell on negative thoughts.

The question becomes,
“How can we access and make use of the Mind/Body Connection ?”

Hypnosis is the answer.
Hypnosis Is The Mind/Body Connection!

Hypnosis is now recognised by many Doctors and is being firmly established as accepted practice in the doctor’s surgery.

Through Hypnosis you can communicate directly with your unconscious mind, that part of you which controls all your behaviour, all your learning, and all your capacity for change.

Did you ever want to change some behaviour, and yet experienced that inner critic saying - “ you’ll never……”
Your inner critic is one feature of your conscious mind.

In Hypnosis you accept suggestions at the Unconscious level which are in keeping with your desired outcomes, without the interference of your conscious mind and that critical part of you.

You are fully awake in a heightened state of awareness in which you hear every thing that is said.

Break addictive habits such as:-
    · Smoking
    · Nail biting
    · Drugs
    · Alcohol
    · Gambling

You can also address a range of physical conditions, such as
    · Asthma
    · Hypertension,
    · Psoriasis
    · Tension headaches.
    · Attaining slimness
    · Anxiety and depression
    · Pain management
Hypnosis is also extremely effective to boost self esteem, for performance enhancement, in sport, public speaking, stage work, or in the board room.

For a life changing appointment ring Les today - 0401 488 687

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