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Offering Natural Therapies, Personal Trainer and Weight Loss programs, Motivating Health is conveniently located at Erina, no more than half an hour from anywhere on the Central Coast.

Motivating Health

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Erina, New South Wales

Focus areas

Well-being Purpose Joy Fitness Sabotaging behaviours Male health

Our Purpose

Owners of Motivating Health, Lance & Tammy Roberts are committed to inspiring, educating & motivating their clients to integrate healthy eating, exercise & fitness as the norm rather than the exception.

"We aim to have people understand that a healthy lifestyle is more important than the service requirements of a motor vehicle.
Why is it we don’t wait for the car to break down before we service it?
Because the manual says and the manufacture knows that the easiest & cheapest way to run a car is to fix things before they break."

Motivating Health can work with you to create a maintenance plan for you and your family, helping you to lower the chances a major health event will cause you and your loved ones grief and pain.

Natural Therapies

Your health is the obvious place to start when you're looking to make positive changes to your life. Because our health can be impacted on many levels, Tammy's work addresses the physical, emotional & subconscious. She achieves this by combining three healing modalities: Western Medical Herbalism, NET Neuro Emotional Technique, NIS Neurological Integration System.
  • F - Fatigue
  • I - Irritability
  • B - Brain Fog
  • R - Restlessness
  • O - Overlapping Syndromes
  • M - Muscle & Joint Pain
  • Y - You Never Feel good
  • A - Anxiety & Depression
  • L - Loss of Control
  • G - Grief & Worry
  • I - Immune Dysfunction
  • A - Always searching for answers

Do you experience any of these symptoms or have you been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia? The symptoms are all indicative of health conditions that many medical doctors may choose to treat with pharmaceutical drugs that may have side effects that are worse than the original complaint. Alternatively, the practitioner may not consider the condition worth treating at all.

The good news is that Tammy at Motivating Health (formerly known as Tamara’s Herbal & Natural Therapies) is able to recognise these symptoms and can offer long-suffering patients answers, relief and positive outcomes.

Tammy is a qualified Medical Herbalist, NET (Neuro Emotional Technique) & NIS (Neurological Integration) practitioner. The healing power of these three modalities combined offers Tammy's clients a level of care that very few practitioners are able to provide. Here's what one of Tammy's clients has to say about their experience:

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Personal Training

Motivating Health is unique, in addition to natural health professionals and weight loss practitioners, we offer our clients a Gym run by professional personal trainers. Trainers are ideal for people who don't really enjoy exercise and need someone to encourage them. Trainers can set goals, helping you to push the boundaries of your current level of fitness safely. Trainers are also able to support you and manage any injuries you may have, enabling you to continue to train.

Personal trainers work on average for 2 years in the role, Lance has been qualified as a personal trainer since 2008 and has successfully built a business that many try to emulate. Lance is one of the Central Coast's most trusted and respected personal trainers. If you're looking for a personal trainer who can help you reach your goals regardless of age or current fitness level, give Lance a call and discuss your needs.

Weight Loss

We love seeing our weight loss clients reach the point where they're able to move forward with their lives, leaving medication for weight-related ailments behind. We provide professionally managed weight loss programs that will teach teach you new skills to empower you to change your life. We've helped many people to reach their goals of being able to walk up and down stairs pain free and play and exercise with their children in ways they'd previously only dreamed of.

Our weight loss plans are not reliant on exercise, but we're able to help you to integrate exercise into your program if you desire.
We won’t just sign you up to a set and forget online program, we're a hands-on organisation offering a completely different level of service to all the other weight loss businesses out there. if you have questions about how we can help you to reach your weight loss goals, give us a call.

Motivating Health is located at Erina, no more than half an hour from anywhere on the NSW Central Coast. If you're interested in hearing more about what we have to offer, give us a call or click on one of the buttons below.