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Conveniently located in Mount Street, Heidelberg, Mount Street Chiropractic Centre offers a comprehensive range of diagnostic facilities, equipment and supplies, meeting all of your Chiropractic needs under one roof.

Mount Street Chiropractic Centre - Chiropractic

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Heidelberg, Lalor, North Carlton, Carlton North

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What does a Chiropractor do?

A Chiropractor applies specific force in a precise direction, to joints that are fixated, “locked up”, or not moving as they should. This will bring motion to the joint, allowing it to gradually regain a normal range of motion and function. This safe and natural procedure is administered either with a special tool or manually by the practitioner, in order to restore proper spinal biomechanics and improved nervous system function.

Do Chiropractic Adjustments hurt?

Most people experience adjustments as being relaxing. Any sound you may hear when being adjusted is a gentle popping noise.

That said, the level of response to an adjustment will depend on your current state of health and the severity of any presenting issue, each patient experiences the sensation differently.

We will give you a hand-out that explains what will happen after your first treatment. We will also make contact with you the next day to ensure the treatment has gone well for you.

We use special techniques for adjusting infants and children. But whatever the technique, Chiropractors employ skill, not force or strength, to carry out safe, effective adjustment.

How many often will I have to have appointments?

This varies depending on a range of factors, your level of your health and fitness, the severity of any health conditions and your age.

Appointments are booked to maximise the possible benefit you can gain from your care. It's therefore important that you keep your appointments. Your chiropractor will create a schedule specific to your individual needs, based on your chiropractic tests and x-rays. This will involve a certain number of visits within a certain period of time. This is vital for spinal and postural corrections to occur.

Will the Chiropractor just treat my back and neck?

Chiropractors are trained to manage all neuromuscular skeletal conditions - this means we are able to assist with nerve, muscle and bone problems.

If you require treatment or rehabilitation for joint injuries including feet, ankles, knees, hips, hand, elbow and shoulder complaints, your Chiropractor can help.

We are also able to treat a muscle sprains and strains. At both our Mount Street Chiropractic and Lalor Family Chiropractic Centres, we have machines designed to accelerate recovery from musculoskeletal problems.

Our Chiropractor

Mount Street Chiropractic Centre's Chiropractor, Dr Joe Donnoli has been practicing Chiropractic in both a family and sports environment since graduating from RMIT in 1984. Joe has taught Chiropractic students at RMIT and been part of the Chiropractic Student Mentoring Program for the last 3 years.

Mention the Natural Therapies Pages and pay only $95 For Initial visit.

This initial visit includes an Extensive Initial Consultation, X-Rays(if required) and Report of Findings (Genuine Value: $145)

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