Move with Grace - Sue Kirkpatrick-Laird

Servicing area: Gympie & Sunshine Coast Regions

Nervous system Mantra Physical health ...
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Yoga for you.

Movement & stillness.

Come home to yourself.

Be with the rhythm and flow of you life.

Courage. Kindness. Love.

Move with Grace Yoga & Yoga Therapy

Sue's diverse background and extensive teaching experience weaves the principles and methods of yoga, somatic therapy and developmental movement patterns in a unique way.
Her commitment to creating a safe, caring and nurturing environment will help you feel at ease. 
Refine your awareness of yourself and your life. 
Calm you mind.
Settle your nervous system.
Explore ways to maintain physical health and mobility to continue to do the things you want to do in life. Maintain, heal and flourish in life. 
Balance. Steadiness. Ease. Groundedness.


  • Courses
  • Group Classes
  • Private Sessions
  • Chair Yoga
  • Children's Yoga

Sessions may incorporate:

Pranayama - breathing practices to support vitality

Asana, slow mindful movement, movement practices, strengthening practices. 

Meditation and mantra.

Conscious deep rest and relaxation.

Appropriate practices for your stage of life, state of health, time of day.


Qualification details

Yoga Therapist, Yoga Teacher, BASI Pilates Teacher, Somatic Therapy, Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher, Yoga for Healthy Ageing; Registered Yoga Teacher & Yoga Therapist with AAYT & Yoga Australia.

Service categories

Move with Grace - Sue Kirkpatrick-Laird