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Julie Mackay

Suite 13 Chatswood Village
47 Neridah St
Chatswood NSW 2070

Servicing area: Chatswood, New South Wales

Counsellor/Psychotherapist, NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Coach. Julie provides individual, couple and group counselling/psychotherapy and coaching through her private practice based in Chatswood, Sydney. She brings a wealth of life experience and compassion to her work with people.


Julie provides high quality counselling/pyschotherapy and coaching in a caring, professional and safe environment. Julie believes that every person is unique and has the potential to succeed and be happy in life - do you sometimes feel stuck or you can't see through the fog because of lack of clarity, grief, relationship breakdowns, work-life balance issues, stress and a myriad of other reasons? Julie helps you to see through this fog and guide you to getting back on track with your life.

Julie adopts an integrative approach to her counselling and psychotherapy where various modalities are adopted according to what is most appropriate and self-empowering to you. A flexible solution that meets your specific needs and circumstances is offered either via face to face, telephone or e-Counselling. Julie works with individuals and couples in the areas of depression; relationship issues; grief and loss; stress management; self-esteem; motivation; stress management, cancer. Appointments last for one hour although the initial consultation may take a little longer so that a detailed understanding of you and your needs is gained (at no extra charge).

You may be wondering what the difference is between Counselling and Psychotherapy? Counselling is a shorter term treatment designed to manage a specific problem, situation or life change. Psychotherapy is usually longer term and is focused on you gaining insight into ‘self’ and exploring personality, thought processes and way of being in the world rather than specific problems. In reality there is usually overlap in a session in that I may use both counselling and psychotherapy to help you.

Do you sometimes find it difficult to remain focused and achieve your desired outcomes either at home or work? Because we live in a society that is fast paced, sometimes impersonal and constantly changing it can be easy to lose this focus. Julie will assist you in keeping focused, connected to your desired outcomes, and living and working your life "with purpose". Julie's coaching style is future focused and action oriented.

Julie runs various therapeutic and educational groupwork programs as well as half to one day educational seminars throughout the year. Contact Julie if you would like details of the current programs being offered.

Qualification Details

Bachelor of Applied Social Science in Counselling and Communication
NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner/Time Line Therapist/Hypnotherapist
Level II Executive Coaching Certificate - Institute of Executive Coaching, Sydney

Julie is a member of:-
- Australian Counselling Association (ACA)
- International Coaching Federation (ICF)
- Institute of Group Leaders (IGL)
- Institute of NLP, Sydney

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